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Welcome To My Post “TOP 5 – Best infrared lamp Reviews 2022″This best infrared lamp list serves as a guide in the search for a suitable lamp for heat and light therapy. Physical complaints can be annoying. Especially when it is chronic, there is often nothing you can do to get rid of the pain.

However, you can illuminate it by means of heat therapy using an infrared lamp. However, if you are looking for an infrared lamp, you will come across many different variants. But which one is right for your situation, and does it fit into your budget?

Our top 5 best infrared lamps can help you on your way with your search. If you need more information, read how to compare infrared lamps, just below the top 5.


Best infrared lamp 




The first in our list of best infrared lamps is the one with the highest power (300 W). The Beurer IL50 is an infrared lamp against, among other things, muscle pain that warms your muscles and works better than the average painkiller. The heat radiation is IR-A, which is the most therapeutic infrared light that exists.

The light and heat penetrate into your muscles, where all you have to do is point the device with the handles at the sore muscles. After that you don’t have to do anything. Once you’ve set the timer, the device will start working immediately and you can see on the screen how long you need. With a maximum of fifteen minutes, the pain is significantly relieved and the muscles are flexible again.

You only have one position on this device, a halogen infrared lamp. This infrared lamp also has the highest power, if you want something less powerful, you can choose from the alternative lamps. UV-free with a timer and overheating protection, the various extras ensure that this is the best infrared lamp . At least from the devices we have researched.

+ The infrared lamp with the highest power
+ The lamp works by means of IR-A
+ Overheating protection
– Only one light mode


Best price/quality infrared lamp




The best price/quality infrared lamp is the Beuer IL21. This infrared lamp for the back is not only suitable for loosening the muscles in this place, but can also ensure that it can serve as an infrared lamp for the face.

The lamp targets both the upper layers of the skin and the muscles in a 12-minute treatment, making the pain disappear. There are 5 different positions available for this, which ensure that the treatment takes place in the right place.

This is not the best infrared lamp, but one with an excellent price / quality ratio. Half less expensive than the above IL50 and also half the power (150W). It uses a fluorescent lamp (compared to halogen) and has no overheating protection.

+ The UV-free lamp is not harmful to the skin
+ A compact lamp that can be placed anywhere
– No timer function / No overheating message

Infrared Light-Near Infrared



The Infrared Ligh  InfraCare is also an excellent infrared lamp. You can work effectively and purposefully, so that your body is mobilized against the pain. The head of the lamp is adjustable, so you can always place it in the right way. The infrared lamp on a tripod helps you to tackle even the small areas, so that the hips, arms and knees also get the right treatment.

Red light lamp most of the energy of infrared rays is absorbed by the skin and converted into heat energy, which causes the skin temperature rise.. Then speed up blood circulation, increase metabolism, relieve pain and promote muscle relaxation.

Relieve pain of your body:If you have muscle soreness, leg, back, knee, shoulder, elbow, waist muscle soreness, cervical spine soreness and other joint pains,then near-infrared light will be your ideal choice. Recommend lighting time for each session: 5 to 20 minutes.

The infrared light uses a quality 150W hot bulb,The lamp holder is made of high-quality materials, beautiful and durable, and the lamp holder can be adjusted at 180° to meet your needs.

+ With the timer you can set the infrared lamp to the number of minutes
+ A UV-free lamp that is not harmful to the skin
+ Good price / quality ratio


Cheap infrared lamp




The infrared lamp against muscle pain where the heat penetrates directly into your muscles. The IR-B lighting in this compact table lamp also ensures that the upper layers of your skin are heated. You only need 12 minutes for this.

The pain is significantly reduced, while you can sit comfortably in a chair and direct the lamp in one of the five positions. The infrared lamp on a tripod is therefore an ideal way to relax and to ensure that you can move more freely.

+ Immediate results by being able to move more freely
+ The light of the infrared lamp is UV-free
+ You can also place the lamp on your desk

BEURER –infrared lamp

Massage gun / infrared lamp




It may not immediately be a standard infrared lamp, but this Beurer infrared lamp is suitable as a massage device to fully work your muscles by means of infrared. The infrared lamp in the massager has the emphasis on this, which makes the effect of the vibration a lot bigger.

The device penetrates deep into the muscles, so that every point of the body can be treated. The infrared lamps are ideal for muscle pain and massaging yourself is a piece of cake.

If you are interested in a hand massage gun, check out the list of hand massage devices .

+ The infrared lamp loosens your muscles
– You have to adjust all parts yourself during use

Compare infrared lamps

How does an infrared lamp work?

The best infrared lamps help you get rid of your sore muscles. Because what does an infrared lamp do? The heat that radiates from it penetrates deep into the muscles, so that an infrared lamp against muscle pain helps you get rid of pain within a short period of time.

How long you have to use the infrared lamp depends on the device you have purchased. On average, this is done in just fifteen minutes, after which you are wonderfully relaxed again and even skin conditions can disappear like snow in the sun.

An infrared lamp can be divided into three different wavelengths, namely IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. Depending on these radiations, there is an infrared lamp for back complaints, an infrared lamp for the face and an infrared lamp for all physical complaints.

You should therefore always pay close attention to which lamp you purchase, so that you can get the best treatment for your body. When purchasing it, it is often stated what it is suitable for, but then you have to know exactly what to look out for.

Buy infrared lamp for the pain

If you often experience pain, it can be difficult to move. As a result, many daily activities can no longer be done and you are also hindered in your social life. By means of an infrared lamp against the pain you can ensure that the muscles become looser again and the pain is significantly reduced. Because what does an infrared lamp do ?

Warm up your muscles, so that the tissue can be penetrated better. You will notice in just fifteen minutes that there is great progress and you can move almost pain-free and resume your work. Also known as light therapy .


The different wavelengths with which the best infrared lamps are equipped ensure that you know exactly what the lamp is intended for. The IR-A, which is also called the short wave, is the most therapeutic radiation. This not only ensures that your skin is well cared for, but also penetrates deeper into the skin.

This makes it the ideal infrared lamp against muscle pain and rheumatic complaints can be relieved. Because how hot does an infrared lamp get? Not very warm in principle, but your muscles are heated effectively, making them looser and the tissue also more flexible. You will feel a difference in just a few minutes.

The IR-B wave, the medium wave, penetrates to the upper skin layers. The big difference with the IR-A wave is that it penetrates less deeply, so that the deep heat effect does not apply here.

However, it can lead to a significant reduction in many physical ailments related to the muscles, so that daily activities can be resumed. The IR-C, the long wave, is mainly for heating air, targeting only the top layer of skin.



You can only use many infrared lamps for a certain period of time. Although you always had to keep track of the time yourself and turn off the lamp manually, today many of the best infrared lamps are equipped with a timer.

You can only use the infrared lamp for a maximum of 15 minutes, after which the lamp must be removed from the spot again. You can therefore set the timer to the desired number of minutes, and you can often keep track of the remaining time.

These lamps sometimes also switch off automatically when the time is up.


The lamps in the infrared lamp can differ considerably and also make a big difference in price. Which type of lamp you have in it, therefore, mainly depends on your budget. Just like with normal lighting, you will see that an incandescent lamp is many times cheaper than a halogen lamp. However, incandescent lamps are also generally less efficient.

Not only will you notice this in a device that runs on batteries, but also when the device uses power. So if you want to save in the long term, the best infrared lamps are the halogen variants. In terms of quality, however, it generally does not matter much.



Infrared lamps come in different shapes and sizes. Many lamps are straightforward, so you can’t always treat a place as effectively. For example, an infrared lamp on a tripod can tilt, so that you can place it at a different angle to treat a certain body part.

If you can adjust the angle, you can work very differently than if the lamp can only be positioned in a certain way. Some models are also height adjustable, giving you even more options.

Different types of Infrared lamps


Infrared lamps that serve as a table model can be placed on a table, bed or elsewhere in your house. This allows you to place the lamp at the right height for yourself, after which the lamp radiates the heat in the right direction.

You should keep in mind that it mainly concerns the easily accessible parts of your body. Think, for example, of your back, arms and legs. Otherwise, the deep heat will not arrive, so that your muscles will not be helped in the right way and you will continue to walk around with the pain.


If you are mainly looking for an infrared lamp for back pain, standing or hanging infrared lamps are the best for treatment.

These are often equipped in such a way that you can lie down under them so that you do not have to twist or lug the lamp before you can use it.

All you have to do is turn on the lamp, enjoy and wait for the time to run out. This way you can ensure that your back feels less painful and you can move more freely and enjoy your activities.

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