The 7 Best Dryers Reviews 2022 [Complete Buying Guide]

Time after time soft and dry clothes, with water pump or condensation, and what with best smart best  dryers. We are looking for efficient but good, in short, the best dryers of 2022. A bestdryer, just like a washing machine, can be a real asset to your household.

It is not feasible for all families to dry the laundry on a drying rack, and our climate is not designed for this either. A good dryer that dries your clothes quickly, energy-efficiently and qualitatively is therefore not a superfluous luxury at home.

There are many interesting options these days to make drying your clothes as easy as possible. The most important choice you can make is between a condenser best dryer or a heat pump best dryer.

The latter is more energy efficient but more expensive to purchase and it takes longer for your laundry to dry. To make the choice easier for you, we discuss the 7 best drying cabinets of 2022 here.

KASYDoFF Portable Best Dryer 

The Kaydoff Portable is a best dryer. Machines with a heat pump are more energy efficient and better for the environment. This appliance has an energy class A+++ and can in most cases be purchased with eco vouchers. Families with three children can use this machine with a filling capacity of 15 kg perfectly.

Even with studying children, this is a good choice, because the device only



produces a noise of 63 dB. We therefore designate this model as the best drying cabinet of 2022.

Furthermore, a self-cleaning condenser has been built in and you can operate the best drying cabinet via the app. You can, for example, consult the remaining time of the program. Unfortunately, there is no steam function on this device.

However, the anti-crease function ensures that the drum continues to rotate after the program has come to an end. This prevents the clothes from clumping and wrinkling. Finally, you need to install the best dryer properly. There is in fact no anti-vibration system that gives a signal when the dryer moves from its place.

Type:  Heat pump | Energy label: A+++| Drain: Reservoir or water drain| Filling weight : 15 kg


  • Energy efficient
  • silent machine
  • Controllable via the app
  •  3-Tier Foldable
  • controlled between 50 and 70 degrees
  • Stainless Steel
  •  12 towel bars


  • No anti-vibration system
  • No steam function

Panda Portable Laundry Dryer

The Best Panda portable laundry dryer is known for its budget-friendly solutions and scores well with this model. Don’t be told that a cheap best dryer can’t be energy efficient. This best dryer from Panda is friendly to your wallet, and has everything it takes to be a quality machine.



The heat pump ensures economical and environmentally friendly use. It is a relatively quiet machine of 65 dB and you can store 8.8 lbs of laundry in the drum.

A disadvantage of this panda machine is that you cannot consult the remaining time of a program. This can be annoying if you want to get out of the house and don’t want to run the best dryer on its own.

The users therefore recommend that you turn on a timer yourself so that you have an idea of ​​the end time. You also have to clean the condenser yourself. The best dryer machine does indicate when you need to make the filters fluff-free and it also indicates a signal for emptying the water reservoir.

Type:  Heat pump | Energy label: A+| Drain: Reservoir or water drain | Filling weight : 8.8 kg


  • Energy class A+
  • Budget friendly
  •  8.8 lbs Capacity
  • 120V outlet
  • Touch-screen control panel
  • Stainless Steel
  • mounting kit


  • No self-cleaning condenser
  • No indication remaining time

Ninja Portable Clothes Dryer

Ninja portable clothes dryer is the best dryer. Do you have a limited budget to buy a best dryer? You will often find a solution in the form of a condensation best dryer. These ninja drayers are often cheaper in terms of purchase price, but unfortunately they belong to the less energy-efficient models.



The heating element produces a high temperature that requires a lot of energy. It can therefore give a distorted picture in terms of cost in the long term. Our choice for the best condenser best dryer falls on this Ninja appliance.

The advantage of the machine is that your clothes dry very quickly, compared to other best dryers. With a fill weight of 19.7 kg, this machine is suitable for a family with two children. You can choose from 16 programs that you can easily set via the display.

The drum has a protective layer so as not to damage your clothes. This is an important aspect as the clothes will wear out faster with a condensation best dryer. Unfortunately, you cannot operate this device via the app and the device consumes a lot of energy.

Type:  Condensation | Energy label: B | Drain: Reservoir or water drain | Filling weight : 19.7 kg



  • Clothes dry quickly
  • Clothing protective drum
  • Budget friendly
  • Allows for 22 pounds
  • Stainless Steel
  • Laundry Alternative Inc
  • Unique High-Tech
  • spin dryers


  • Consumes a lot of energy
  • Cannot be controlled via app

DECKER BCED26+BLACK Portable Dryer

The Decker Bced26+Black dryer is now known as a high-quality brand and emphasizes functionality and durability. This extremely energy-efficient machine keeps your annual energy bill to a minimum. With a load capacity of 8.8 kg, this drying cabinet is an excellent asset for large families with three children. An additional plus is the noise level of only 64 dB.

Best Dryer



On the basis of a display with touchscreen you can choose from 4 programs. You can also easily set this via the app. Miele has also added a number of innovative functions. Think of a fragrance bottle for an extra fresh scent, the Perfect dry function that ensures that your laundry does not shrink and a drum with a honeycomb structure.

This structure prevents your clothes from being damaged during drying.A downside to this machine? It is a relatively expensive machine and there is no self-cleaning condenser. So you have to clean these yourself. Finally, there is no steam function to prevent wrinkled clothes.

Type:  Heat pump | Energy label: A+++| Drain: Reservoir or water drain | Filling weight : 8.8 kg


  • Heat pump
  • Control via app
  • Energy class A+++
  • Drum in stainless steel with honeycomb structure
  • 4 different drying
  • 120V
  • 23.6” x 17.1” x 27.5
  • Air Dry
  • White


  • No self-cleaning condenser
  • No steam function
  • Pricey

Electric Compact Laundry Best Dryer

Are you specifically looking for a drying cabinet with an air outlet? Then we recommend this budget-friendly Electric Compact Laundry Dryer. Machines with exhaust air send the moist air directly outside and therefore do not need a water tank.



These machines are often less energy efficient, which means that you can have higher energy costs. The advantage of this model is that it adapts its energy consumption to the amount of laundry you place in the drum. In this way, despite the higher energy class, you can still use your energy efficiently.


This Electric best Dryer runs silently due to the Silent System mechanism and produces a sound of 64 dB. There are 4 programs to choose from, and this appliance also has an anti-crease function to limit ironing afterwards.

You can refresh your clothes with the short refresher program. An original plus of this machine is the reversible door. This means that you can open the loading door both left and right.

Type:  Exhaust Air Dryer | Energy label: C | Exhaust : Exhaust air | Filling weight : 9 kg


  • Smart energy distribution
  • SilentSystem
  • Reversible door
  • 4 different modes
  • Stainless steel
  • Smart sensors
  •  Efficient PTC heating


  • Higher energy class

Kenmore 29 Electric Best Dryer 

We select this Kenmore 29 Electric  dryer as the best electric best dryer. The Optimal dry system ensures that your clothes stay beautiful for longer and automatically detects whether your laundry is dry. This prevents delicate fabrics from spinning in the drum for longer than necessary.



Without this function, you run the risk of shrinking the clothing. With the purchase of this best dryer you will receive a drain hose. This allows you to choose whether you want to work with the condensation tray, or if you prefer to let the water drain directly through the drain.

The heat pump in this appliance ensures energy-efficient use and an energy class A++. With a filling weight of 7 kg, this device is suitable for a maximum of two people. An ideal entry-level model for couples.

Even though this is not a condensation best dryer, the drum is provided with a clothing-protective structure. Finally, this machine is equipped with an anti-vibration system. This ensures that the machine does not damage the parts and stays in place during the program.

Type:  Heat pump | Energy label: A++| Drain: Reservoir or water drain | Filling weight : 7 kg


  • OptimalDry system
  • Energy efficient
  • Garment protection drum in stainless steel
  • Anti-vibration walls
  • White
  •  easier to sort laundry
  • SmartDry Plus


  • Not controllable via the app
  • No extra quiet machine

Equator Combo Washer Best Dryer 

The Equator Combo Washer Dryer is a good drying cabinet that works with a heat pump. It is therefore an economical and environmentally friendly model. The self-cleaning condenser ensures sustainable use and minimal energy consumption.



The appliance is equipped with many comfortable options to make drying your laundry even easier. Think of an anti-vibration system or an AutoDry function that automatically detects how dry your clothes are. This way you protect your clothing against damage and shrinkage.

The condenser produces a noise of 65 dB and has an extensive LED display on which you can consult all information about the programs. In addition to the display, the drum is also illuminated with LED.

The structure of the drum is designed to protect your clothes. Users experience this device as very user-friendly. Control via the app is not possible with this best dryer. Are you looking for a user-friendly and durable machine? Then this is the right model for your household.

Type:  Condensation with heat pump technology | Energy label: A++| Drainage: water drainage Filling weight : 161 kg


  • Energy efficient
  • Self-cleaning condenser
  • Anti-vibration system
  • AutoDry function
  • 1500 watts
  • High-tech combination
  • 110 volts


  • Operation via the app not possible
  • No extra quiet machine

                               What to look for when buying a dryer?

Energy consumption

The energy class shows how energy efficient and environmentally friendly the appliance is. The lower the drying temperatures, the more economical the appliance is in use. Because of this aspect, it is best to choose a device that works on the basis of a heat pump. These best dryers can be a considerable investment, but will save you a lot of energy costs in the long run.

Are you looking for the most economical option? Then choose an A+++ machine. Finally, you can reduce your energy consumption by first washing your clothes on a program with a high speed . For example, the best dryer comes out of the drum and the best dryer has less work to dry your clothes.


During the drying process, hot water vapor turns into moisture, also known as condensation. This moisture must therefore be removed in order to eventually obtain dry clothing. You have several options for this water drainage. For example, you can choose a device with a water reservoir that collects the moisture during the drying process. The advantage is that you can place the best dryer anywhere in this way and you are not dependent on a water drain. Of course you have to empty the reservoir yourself.

You can also opt for a drying cabinet that you can connect directly to your drain pipe. This way you don’t have to keep track of whether the reservoir is full or not. The water automatically flows through the drain. Finally, you have the choice to work with an air exhaust. A disadvantage of this is that the drain hose has to go outside. This can also be through a window or a door. The drying cabinet pumps the moist air directly outside.


Just like with a washing machine, you can choose from different programs with a best dryer. Depending on the type of clothing you wish to dry, you choose an appropriate program. You can select the cotton program for washing towels, bed linen and jeans.

Some machines have an ‘extra dry’ program. This is ideal for fabrics that often disappear in the closet for a longer period of time. Bedding, on the other hand, should be washed at a low temperature. If possible, you can complete this program with an anti-crease phase. It is best to hang wool or silk on the drying rack. If you do not have a drying rack available, you can choose the wool or silk program.


You choose the load capacity of your best dryer based on your washing machine and the number of people in your family. For example, don’t choose a load capacity that is much smaller than the drum of your washing machine. This way you run the risk of having too much laundry to dry everything in one go.

Do you live alone or with two? Then choose a load capacity of 9 kg. Does your family consist of three or four people? In that case, a load capacity of 8 kg is sufficient. Finally, there is also an extra large size for large families with three children. These are the machines of 9 kg or more.

Additional Features

Some features make drying your clothes extra comfortable. Think of machines that you can operate via the app or a device with anti-vibration walls. This prevents damage to the parts of your best dryer. The machine gives a signal if the dryer is out of balance during the program.

A steam function is useful to minimize creases in your clothes. Is this function not available on your favorite device? Don’t worry, with an anti-crease phase you can go a lot further. Finally, you also have drying cabinets that are equipped with a self-cleaning condenser. This allows you to dry your clothes extra sustainably and energy-efficiently.

What is a condensation best dryer?

The condensation best dryer produces high temperatures by means of a heating element, which means that your laundry dries faster. This type of best dryer is cheaper in purchase value, but often consumes more energy than other dryers. A tumble dryer with a heat pump is therefore a more economical alternative.

An additional disadvantage of this type of machine is that your clothes wear out faster due to the high temperatures. This best dryer is therefore not suitable for all types of clothing. Think of delicate fabrics such as silk or nylon. You can take this into account in your choice, and choose a drum that has a honeycomb structure. This way you can limit the damage to your clothing.

What is a heat pump best dryer?

This best dryer works with a cooling element and a heat pump . This makes it possible to dry your laundry at lower temperatures. Not only do you dry your clothes in this way energy-efficiently, but the quality is also retained for longer. The risk of shrunken clothing can thus be reduced to a minimum.

The machine is often more expensive than a condenser best dryer, but can save you a lot of energy costs on an annual basis. If you opt for an energy class A+++, you have made an extremely energy-efficient choice that is also good for the environment. A disadvantage is that the program takes a little longer with this dryer due to the use of the low temperatures. With this device you can also choose between a variant with a reservoir or a connection to the water drain.

What is the difference between heat pump best dryer and condensation?

There are a number of things that can help you choose between a condensation dryer or a dryer with a heat pump . As discussed, the condenser dryer works faster and is cheaper than the version with a heat pump. Do you attach less importance to the quality of your clothing and are you mainly looking for a cheap machine that dries quickly? Then it is best to choose the condensation best dryer.


Are you looking for an environmentally friendly machine that is better for your energy bill in the long run? Then the heat pump is a good choice for your household. This machine is more expensive to purchase and the clothes take a little longer to dry. However, with this type of appliance you can easily save 75 doller in energy costs on an annual basis. By using the low temperatures, these devices are also better for your clothes.

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