The 5 Best Webcams Of Reviews 2022 [ Complete Buying Guide ]

Streaming, Vlogging, Or Just For Your Home Office; A Good Webcam Provides Better Quality Image

WelCome To My Article “The 5 Best Webcams Of Reviews 2022″To have a good stream or vlog you need a good stream space. Our search for the best webcam serves on the one hand to help streamers and vloggers on their way, and on the other to give you advice if you are looking for a simple good webcam.

But what makes a good webcam, how should you choose, what budget is involved? They can be used for chatting, or for example vlogging or streaming.

Here we look at the wide selection of webcams on the market and we investigate what the differences are, for which purposes they are most suitable, and what price tag may be attached to them. With the information, we put together a top-five best webcams of 2022.





Looking for the best webcam for 2022? The Logitech HD C920 meets all our requirements. With its 1080p Full-HD recording resolution and a 15-megapixel sensor resolution, this cam is a true powerhouse. Have a conversation with friends and colleagues, make videos or start a vlog channel.

The C920 makes all this possible. The C920 can record sound in stereo with its 2 built-in microphones, so everyone can hear how you actually sound. The glass lens has an autofocus function and with the help of automatic light correction you never have to worry about image quality again.

Installation can be done quickly and easily with the supplied manual. Whether vlogging or live streaming, the Logitech C920 is the best webcam of 2022.





These days, 4K webcams are in. People are sitting at home and meetings are happening remotely, so there is an increasing need for sharp webcams and high-quality images. A good image and good sound have a positive effect on a meeting.

Not seeing or understanding people well is never beneficial. In addition, it is also pleasant if the company bears the costs of the camera! The Logitech Brio is the best 4K webcam these days.

A beautiful design, a handy clamp, and a lot of intelligent software to get the best out of the camera. The ultra HD resolution is 4x sharper than a Full HD webcam. With the built-in HDR software, the brightness of the image is also automatically optimized.

This device also has a very strong digital zoom (5x). This allows you to use a wide viewing angle, or zoom in and focus straight on one person. The image is also automatically focused, so no problems here either.

The last advantage is the built-in infrared, which makes it easy to use facial recognition to log in. The big downside is the price, so hope your company will bear the cost for you!





The Razer Kiyo is the best gaming webcam in our opinion – an ideal camera for streamers. The Razer Kiyo has a modern look and a professional look.

This webcam with a microphone supports a maximum resolution of 1080p Full HD when recording at 30 fps and a resolution of 720p HD at 60 fps. The sensor resolution is 4 megapixels.

In addition, this device has a ring lamp (spotlight) around the lens, which can be adjusted with different lighting levels. The camera is easy to install with the supplied manual and can be connected to the computer via USB.

The Razer Kiyo supports recording with software packages such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Xsplit and is easy to configure for this.





The Microsoft LifeCam Studio is ideal for streamers and vloggers. The webcam is small and compact, making it easy to integrate on your laptop or screen. This webcam PC records in HD quality (1080p) and shows clear and colorful images.

The frame rate is set to a maximum of 30 frames per second, which means that there is more focus on image quality. This is more than enough for making facecam videos or for making video calls.

The autofocus ensures that your images are always sharp. Recordings are made in an aspect ratio of 16:9 and the TrueColor technology ensures colorful video images, under different lighting conditions. The Microsoft Lifecam has a clear built-in microphone that is ideal for recording sound.





The Logitech C525 is the best camera when it comes to price / quality. This external webcam can be clipped to your laptop or monitor or placed on your desk. This cam can record video images with a maximum resolution of 720p HD (1280 x 720) and has a sensor resolution of 8 megapixels.

The built-in microphone can be connected to the system via USB. The software allows you to choose 2 methods of recording, normal and optimal. With the 2nd option, the webcam focuses on the frame rate instead of the image sharpness.

The C525 can be used without software, but the standard functionality can be expanded with the Logitech Software. It allows you to instantly take photos and videos and share them via social media.

Compare Webcams

What is a good webcam?

A webcam is a small camera intended for recording images or for streaming. Most laptops have a built-in camera, but the image quality is often mediocre and cannot be fully configured to your liking. Desktops and monitors do not have a built-in camera.

An external (separate) webcam is a good solution for this. Remote webcams come in various shapes and sizes and vary when it comes to functionality. For example, Yes can choose a webcam with a microphone or a vlogging webcam.

Of course, you prefer to go for the best webcam, a device that meets all your needs. It is important to look at the image quality of the camera. In 2022 a resolution of 720p (HD) or 1080p (Full-HD) is an important requirement and we take this into account when making our top 5.

Do you make a lot of video calls or do you want to be able to record videos in an easy way? A built-in microphone is a good solution for this.

Digital Camera Vs Webcam?

There are many types of cameras and they all work slightly differently. What exactly is the difference between a digital camera and a webcam? And why do the prices here differ between so much? The biggest difference is in the image quality and functionality.

A camera for PC can make quality videos but often does not offer the possibility to take sharp photos. Also, a digital camera usually supports a higher resolution and can be adjusted with other lenses and sensors.

A webcam is compact and easy to integrate into your workplace. It can be connected to your system via USB or Wifi. The device does not offer the same functionality as a digital camera, but the difference in the price range makes it a good solution for recording images and streaming.

What types of webcams are there?

Built-in webcam

Most laptops have a built-in camera. This is often of moderate quality and is mainly intended for making simple image recordings.

The image from the camera can only be viewed on the computer it is connected to unless third-party software is used. For filming in a higher resolution and with a better frame rate, you will soon have to switch to an external camera.

External webcam

An external webcam functions almost the same as a built-in camera. The big difference is in the way it is connected to the computer.

They can be connected via USB, HDMI, or wirelessly via WiFi. For a webcam, only one user can work with it at a time. Also, the image cannot be shared directly via the internet unless additional software is used.

4K webcam

In itself, this is equivalent to an external or built-in camera. Still, there is a need to mention that 4K webcams exist because there is indeed a huge difference in quality between a good and the best webcam.

 These are mainly used in large meeting rooms where many people are visible. The quality of a 4K webcam can ensure that everyone is clearly visible. In addition, there is also a need for a 4K webcam for streamers and vloggers who make this their profession.

The devices have built-in software to display the image as well as possible. The 4K refers to the resolution of the image, a 4k webcam is four times as sharp as a Full HD image. Built-in HDR technology ensures that the 4k webcam provides the best possible image.

IP Camera

When a webcam runs to the router via a cable or can be connected wirelessly, it is called an IP camera.

An IP camera is a stand-alone camera with its own operating system. Several people can approach the camera and the footage can be viewed on the internet (on a website or via an app).

No additional hardware is required to view the images and the cameras can be placed anywhere. For this, it is best to look at the list of best IP cameras.

Security camera

The purpose of a security camera is different from that of a regular webcam because they function largely the same.

Security cameras are external IP cameras that are often hung from the ceiling and connected via WiFi or with a cable to the router. The ability to view the footage online varies by model. Most new security cameras support this option.

Buying a webcam,
what to watch out for?

Whether it’s a simple camera or a webcam for streaming, it’s important to make a choice that fits your personal situation. When it comes to functionality, most webcams are broadly similar.

Important aspects are the resolution (how sharp should the image be), the connectivity (the way the camera can communicate with the computer), and the user-friendliness (can the camera be easily set up and controlled).

It may be desirable to hang the camera in another room, for example, if you need more space or if you want to make recordings using a Greenscreen. You should therefore opt for an external webcam with WiFi support. It is therefore important to look carefully at the destination of the device.


Webcam for PC

We usually assume that a webcam is always used with a PC or laptop. But this is not always true, you can sometimes connect a webcam to a smartphone, tablet, and sometimes even smart TVs.

Not so important what you are going to use it for, just make sure that the device is compatible. The connection is usually via USB, so as long as you have an opening for this you’ll be fine.

You must then check whether the webcam is compatible with the operating system of your device. Chrome, Android, iOS – depending on your preference, the device should be compatible. Watch out! Most can handle anything, but you must be wrong.


Good webcam quality

Also very important to a webcam is the quality of the image. How many megapixels are recorded, and at what resolution or sharpness. In the past, this was not so important, and relatively little attention was paid to it.

Webcams had a maximum resolution of 1080p – and a Full HD option. Nowadays we go further and it is possible to buy a 4K webcam yourself. These provide a very clear picture.

It is important that the number of megapixels is also correct. It makes no sense to film at 4K resolution if you only have 4 megapixels. A webcam with excellent quality has more than 6 MP. Know that, for example, a phone these days has 12 MP.


Webcam met autofocus

A webcam with autofocus is a real gift. Autofocus is a software feature where the camera focuses automatically. Nowadays it is normal to have an autofocus built in, but pay attention to this because some models do not have this yet.

The viewing angle is also important. Do you want your webcam to be straight on you or a wide viewing angle that takes into account the whole room? The problem with the latter is that the image will be stretched.

is due to the convex lens, which ensures that you get a wide viewing angle. Everything depends on your use. If you’re a vlogger or streamer, you probably prefer a webcam that doesn’t stretch the image and focuses easily on you.


Webcam with a built-in microphone

Not a must, but a handy advantage. If your webcam has a built-in camera, you no longer have to buy it separately. Still, it is not recommended for some to have a webcam with a micro. This again depends on your usage.

A built-in microphone is often not so qualitative. Are you a streamer or vlogger then you need a great microphone, no minimum quality microphone. For such people it is therefore important to buy a good webcam, microphone not included. You also need to buy a good microphone.

Webcam Met Afdekbare lens

A webcam is connected to a laptop or desktop. You sit in front of this every day and the camera is barely removed once it is on it. And here comes a privacy question; should you cover your camera or not. Today the short answer is yes.

You can turn a webcam on or off yourself, you have full control over this. Still, it’s very possible that your security isn’t as secure as we think. So it is possible that someone has gained access and can turn your device on and off.

We certainly don’t want to scare you here, the unfortunate reality is that we recommend a coverable lens. Although this may not be too bad at first, it is never a positive thing either. A person who goes through that effort probably has no good intentions either. A webcam with a coverable lens eliminates this problem.

It’s not a must! You can easily cover a camera with a sticker or some tape and paper. This way you can make your own see-through hatch and you don’t have to buy a special webcam. This is an equivalent alternative and perhaps the easiest way to protect yourself.


Small compact webcams

Webcams should not take up too much space. They serve to stand on a laptop or desktop and stay there unobtrusively.

A webcam should therefore not be too large, barely weigh anything, but must prove its usefulness. Because they can sometimes fall, the material is also important. You don’t want your webcam to explode once it hits the ground.

What can a webcam cost?

The average price of a webcam in 2022 will be between € 40 and € 80. Webcams are user-friendly, easy to set up, and do not break easily.

This type of camera is, in general, a lot cheaper than digital cameras and the price is mainly determined by the functionality available and the image resolution.

If this is slightly above your budget, there is also the option to look at 2nd hand models or a somewhat older model.

4K webcams

A distinction must also be made between an ordinary webcam and a professional webcam. A professional camera should not be used for meetings, but by this, we mean a webcam for streamers or bloggers.

A webcam for people who practice a profession from behind the PC where there is a need for a camera. For them, a 4K camera can make all the difference for visitors/viewers. A 4K webcam provides a razor-sharp image.

These devices are also much more expensive than the simple good webcam. A 4K webcam quickly costs above 200 euros, with the Logitech Brio as the leader. You can buy this one for just under 320 euros.

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