The 5 Best Highlighters Of Reviews 2022 [Complete Buying Guide ]

Put your best features in the light with a good highlighter that suits you

Well’Comes To My Article”The 5 Best Highlighters Of Reviews 2022 ”Highlighter is becoming more and more popular, especially since the arrival of Instagram and all its perfecting filters that conjure up an ideal ‘glow’ on the face, as it were.

Are you looking for the best highlighter to recreate that look or do you long for a summer glow on your face? Then we help you further. We put together a top 5 ‘with shine’ to make your choice easier and we researched the use of highlighter.


Best highlighter

A real bestseller is the highlighter Ambient Lightning Powder from Hourglass. It has been praised in numerous beauty magazines and is the best-selling highlighter at cosmetics chain Mecca.

The highlighter is described as one that doesn’t make your skin glow like crazy with screaming glitter, but as a lightening powder that results in the same glow as the ideal exposure. This highlighter provides a subtle finish. It comes in different colors so you can choose one that optimally matches your undertone.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder.


A downside to this highlighter is the little pronounced result for some users. The highlighter is also relatively pricey. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative, try ELF Cosmetics Baked Highlighter for a fraction of the price, or try the happy medium—no pun intended—with the Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter or Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder.


Best highlighter for dark skin

Do you have a dark skin type and are you looking for a specific highlighter that suits you? Then this highlighter from Too Faced is the best option. It will immediately steal your heart with the fun heart shape and enchanting colors. The golden undertone of this blush in the color ‘Light Up My Light’ is ideal for dark skin. You can also go for cooler colors.

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter -


If you prefer a liquid highlighter, try the NARS Super Orgasm Illuminator after the cult blush of the same name with the equally daring name. It has a golden undertone and provides an intense shine.

 Another favorite is the highlighter Mac Mineralize Skinfinish. Still a fan of the cute heart shape from Too Faced, but if your budget is a bit tight, take a look at Revolution Beauty because they have a ‘dupe’ with the I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts Highlighter for a small price.


Best natural highlighter

The market for natural highlighters is not abundant. Many highlighters are enriched with glitter or mica to mimic a strong shine. In the search for a highlighter without glitter, we came across Tom Ford’s Shade & Illuminate Highlighter & Shade Duet.

This is a highlighter palette that contains both a bronzer and a highlighter. The highlighter is bright white but will subtly light up the skin without glitter. The downside to this highlighter is the price tag.

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate


An alternative is to opt for a highlighter that contains glitter but still produces a subtle result, such as the Hourglass Ambient Lightning Finishing Power (not to be confused with the Strobe Lightning Powder above), or the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter. Are you looking for a highlighter without perfume, try the NARS Highlighting Powder.


Best cheap highlighter

You don’t have to dig deep into your pouch for a beautiful glow on your skin thanks to the highlighters from Catrice. The budget brand has been selling highlighter for years at very affordable prices. This highlighter provides a soft glow with a velvety finish.

It is also vegan and paraben free. Also at Essence you will usually find highlighters in the same price category, such as The Highlighter, a dirt-cheap highlighter with fine shimmer particles, which provides a soft, powdery finish.

High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder


Should it cost a little more, take a look at Maybelline and L’Oréal because these brands usually release new highlighters in all possible forms, such as the new highlighter drops Glow Mon Amour from L’Oréal, a highly pigmented highlighter enriched with coconut oil.

As mentioned, at Maybelline you can buy the Master Chrome Highlighter for a beautiful metallic effect.

Best editor’s pick – novelty

Brand new is this highlighter pen from Guerlain. We all know Guerlain from the enchantingly beautiful Météorites, the illuminating powder pearls in the iconic Guerlain boxes.

Anyone who knows Nude products well knows that these powder pearls produce a fairly subtle result and can hardly be called a real highlighter. It is also a shame to take the beautiful packaging with you on the road and frankly a bit inconvenient.

Golden Rose Nude Look Highlighting Glow Pen Nude Radiance


Nude has now found something to do with that. In this Météorites collection, they now come with a liquid highlighter pen, enriched with Japanese pearl extract. The light texture instantly brightens the facial contours for a healthy glow.

The packaging looks luxurious and is handy for on the go, because you don’t need a brush to apply the product. It’s also a great addition to the collection for those who love Nude but missed a real highlighter. The downside to this highlighter is that touching up liquid highlighter on top of powder can disrupt the makeup.

Compare highlighters

What is a highlighter?

Highlighters are light-reflecting cosmetic products that are available in various forms, such as powder, liquid or cream. They brighten the complexion and provide a flattering glow on the highest points of the face and on the body contours.

Highlighter buy
What to watch out for


Formula & skin type

When buying a highlighter, pay attention to the formula. Highlighter comes in powder form, as a liquid or as a cream. Also take into account the other make-up you use. For example, if you’re using a powder foundation, don’t go for a cream highlighter, as it will moisten and shift your foundation when you’re applying the highlighter.

It is best to combine a powder foundation with a powder highlighter. You can combine a liquid foundation with a liquid highlighter.

Also take your skin type into account. If you have large pores, powder highlighter can make them more visible. If you do not have oily skin, it is best to moisturize your face first and then apply a moisturizing highlighter.


Also take into account the color of the highlighter and make sure it matches your own skin tone and undertone. With a light skin tone, a soft champagne color and silver or lilac undertones will suit.

A skin tone with an olive undertone will suit a peach or pink highlighter, and copper tones for darker skin tones. A highlighter is best 2 to 3 shades lighter than your foundation, otherwise the highlighter will stand out too much or too little.


Highlighter with or without glitter

Before buying a highlighter, check that it does not contain too much glitter or that it creates an excessively shiny metallic effect. If you prefer not to do this, it is best to opt for a highlighter without glitter or one that contains at least as little glitter as possible.

One highlighter provides a more subtle effect than the other. If you see highlighter described with words like ‘strobing’, ‘metallic’ or ‘radiant’, the effect will be more intense.


Limit the amount of highlighter you apply, as it may look different in different light or be too bright. Build up the highlighter gently and check your look in daylight to make sure it’s not too shiny. On the other hand, you can check in the same way whether you have not applied too little.

If the highlighter is too bright, try a softer highlighter brush that absorbs less product, or try a more subtle highlighter or a different color.

Different types of highlighter

Compact powder highlighter

You can buy the master highlighters in powder form in a compact package. Thanks to the dry formula, they are ideal to use in combination with foundation that has been finished with powder. You can apply them with different types of brushes . A powder highlighter is the best type for oily skin as it can curb oil on the skin.

Because powder highlighter is used most often, you have the largest choice in terms of color within this category. Most brands offer powder highlighter in all kinds of colors such as silver, gold, copper and pink. A powder highlighter is the easiest to build.

With a soft highlighter brush you can apply a little highlighter to the skin and then build up as desired until you have achieved the perfect glow. Ideally, you can use a separate brush for your highlighter. 

A fan brush or fan brush is not really recommended, as these brushes waste a lot of product by blowing it out of the package, as this type of brush is too thin and can make the highlighter look too concentrated in some places.

 It is also a difficult brush to fade product with. It is better to use a round brush, such as a blush brush or specific highlighter brushes with a round brush.

liquid highlighter

Liquid highlighter is available as a pen, tube or drops, among other things. It is the most versatile formula of all. With a little liquid highlighter you can quickly achieve a powerful effect.

This type of highlighter is also better for dry skin. You can apply it on top of foundation to bring your makeup to life. Put a drop of the product on your ring fingers and apply it to your cheeks and temples.

Blend the highlighter with a highlighter brush or sponge for a natural effect. You can also use your fingers if you don’t have one.

If you use a sponge, moisten it with some water and squeeze out the excess. Dab the highlighter with this for an extra natural effect. You can also mix liquid highlighter with some day cream to give your skin a healthy glow.

Cream highlighter

You often see a cream highlighter in a jar or as a stick.

A cream highlighter in a jar is useful if you don’t use much make-up. The disadvantage of this texture is that you have to go in with your fingers or a sponge, which is less hygienic than, for example, a stick or tube.

A stick highlighter is the best highlighter for those on the go. They also play best with the light. With a highlighter stick you can easily accentuate details, such as the cupid’s bow, the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bone, to bend the light and give your face a completely different look.

Another advantage is that you don’t need a brush because you can use the stick directly on the face. This makes it an excellent highlighter for beginners.

Loose powder highlighter

In addition to compact highlighters, you sometimes come across loose powder highlighter. This comes in a jar with small holes in it, where you hold the product upside down and ‘tap’ a little bit of product into the lid.

Afterwards you go into the product with a highlighting brush and apply it to the skin. This texture has the disadvantage that it can be quite inconvenient to take with you on the go and to apply.

If you want to experiment, you can also build up different types of highlighter and use it in layers. To choose the best highlighter for you, it is best to rely on your own feeling, but we hope that we have given you some useful tips!

How to Apply Highlighter?

Where do you apply highlighter? You can apply highlighter in different ways . If it’s a liquid highlighter, you can mix it with your favorite day cream and apply it all over your face for an all-over healthy glow.

Whether it is a liquid, cream or powder highlighter, you can always apply the highlighter make-up to the highest points of the face, such as on the cupid’s bow, the brow bone, the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones and collarbones.

You can also lift shadows in the inner corners of your eyes for an instant awake look. However, you can also use clarifying eyeshadows for this.

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