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A pedometer can help you stay healthy. Maybe you’ve heard that you have to take 10000 steps a day, but let’s be honest, we all know that there are a lot of adults who won’t make it with the current (sitting) professions. Still, it is nice to know how much you actually move in a day and whether it is wise to take a walk in the evening, despite the fact that you are exhausted and tired. A pedometer can help you with that. Especially if you have access to the best pedometer of 2022, you can properly map out your daily movement for yourself.

Perhaps you have considered purchasing a pedometer and you are a bit shocked by the overwhelming offer that you encounter on the internet. Logical because just about every self-respecting brand has now launched a pedometer. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide for you. Here we tell you which pedometers qualify for the title of best pedometer of 2022 after our extensive research, we give tips to pay attention to when purchasing and we answer the most frequently asked questions about pedometers. We hope this will ultimately make the choice a lot easier for you.

The 5 best pedometers of 2022 highlighted

Have we convinced you of the benefits of using a pedometer or have you known this for a long time would you like to know which option is the best choice? Be inspired by our recommendations below for the best pedometer of 2022. Our list of the best pedometers consists of recommendations from various price categories and with different functionalities. In this way, we want to give you a complete picture of the range of pedometers.

1. Essential Link Pedometer

Essential Link was looking for a simple way to monitor your daily activities, without too many technical feats. This has resulted in the Essential Link pedometer. A device with 3 buttons that only counts your steps and calories and measures your distance and speed, nothing more. You don’t have to connect the pedometer to your phone or other devices. This way you only have to “worry” about whether you are achieving your daily goals. If you take the steps, to take several steps, it is of course important that the results you get are completely correct. For this reason, a sensor has been placed in this pedometer. A sensor that helps to register your steps as accurately as possible.

Essential Link Pedometer

Specifications Essential Link Pedometer

  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Colour black
  • Gender: Unisex

2. NESKLA DIRECT Pedometer

This NESKLA DIRECT Pedometeris very easy to use and is therefore extremely suitable for both young and old. Thanks to this pedometer you have an accurate insight into how many steps you take per day. This way you can adjust your lifestyle where necessary. Thanks to the latest technology that has been used, the NESKLA DIRECT Pedometer measures the number of steps you take per day very accurately. This way you get a good idea of ​​how much you actually move per day. 

This pedometer also does what it promises while running. The number of steps is displayed on the extra-large screen. There are no difficult applications or setup to go through before use. You turn on the pedometer and let the meter do the work. If you want to start again at 0, press the reset button. So you’re ready to start again. Fortunately, you don’t have to charge this unique pedometer with a beautifully minimalist design every day. The included battery lasts no less than 1 year (with daily use).


Specifications KIMO DIRECT Pedometer

  • Weight: 77 grams
  • Colour Black
  • Gender: Unisex

3. FITBIT Supplies Pedometer

Easily track your sports results with this Fitbit Supplies smartwatch. The Fitbit Supplies M5 has several functions that can all be used via the watch. The activity tracker has the option to connect to a smartphone. This makes all health parameters and all workouts transparent on your phone. This connection is made through a Bluetooth (V4.0) connection. As a result, you also receive important calls and messages on the activity tracker. The watch contains a new type of battery that is reliable and lasts extra long. The watch is easy to operate so that everyone can easily use its various functions. Whether you measure your heart rate or your sleep rhythm: the Royal Supplies M5 smartwatch keeps an eye on your health 24/7.

FITBIT Supplies Pedometer

Specifications Fitbit Supplies Pedometer

  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Colour Black
  • Gender: Women

4. Omron Walking Style IV Pedometer

The Omron Walking Style IV black is the most recent model in the Walking Style series. The Omron pedometer accurately measures your steps and has various functions for different purposes. The device can be worn anywhere on the body, on the hip, in a backpack, or in your pants or jacket pocket. In addition to the number of steps per day, this new Omron pedometer also measures calories burned, and distance in kilometers and has a special action mode. 

Omron Walking Style IV Pedometer

Specifications Boostiv Omron Walking Style IV black

  • Weight: 78 grams
  • Colour Black
  • Gender: Unisex

What is a good pedometer?

What is a pedometer?

The name says it all, of course. With a pedometer, you count all the steps you take every day. Whether you are walking, walking to your colleague for a chat, getting coffee, hanging the laundry, and so on. Every step is registered and counted. You wear the pedometer on your wrist or you attach it to your pants or another piece of clothing so that you always have the device with you. Because you are much more aware of your movements with a pedometer, it also works very motivating to take extra steps, for example, and that is exactly the idea behind this.

Different types of pedometers

There are different types of pedometers on the market. Which one is best for you varies from person to person. It not only depends on your budget but also on what you want to measure. Are these just your steps? Then a simple pedometer is enough for you. This is the pedometer that you hang on your wrist, put in your pocket, or hang on a piece of clothing and that counts every step you take. Some copies also measure the distance and the calories you burn, but in principle, the simple pedometers are purely about counting your steps.

In addition, an extensive pedometer is available. These are the so-called activity trackers and smartwatches. The copies are a lot more expensive than the simple versions, but these pedometers also have many more functions. In addition to counting steps, you can set goals for yourself with these devices, measure different activities, measure your heart rate, track distances, map your sleep rhythm, and so on. Many of these extensive pedometers are waterproof so that you can also swim. You can connect them to your smartphone so that you can use them to read apps and make calls.

Finally, there are apps to count steps. You download this on your smartphone and your steps are counted by a motion detector in your smartphone. The disadvantage here is that you have to have your phone with you at every step to register all your steps. Well, in many cases that will not be a problem since most people have their smartphone stuck to their hands, but not everyone will take the smartphone with them when, for example, they walk from the desk to the printer. However, these are steps that will not be registered………

What do you pay attention to when buying a good pedometer?

As indicated earlier, a good pedometer is different for everyone. Below we list a number of criteria that you can pay attention to when purchasing a good pedometer for you. Maybe some criteria are not important to you at first, but maybe you change your mind after reading them or there are things you never thought about before.

The memory of the pedometer

If you have set yourself goals, it is nice if you can save your achieved results. This way you have a good overview of whether you are achieving your goals at all or whether you need to adjust them. In addition, you can view and compare your progress per day.

The battery

It’s inconvenient if you have to charge your pedometer battery every day. That is why it is first of all useful to know whether the pedometer works on small button cell batteries or with a cable and how often it needs to be charged.


Are you planning to measure more than just your steps with your pedometer and do you also want to go swimming with it, for example? Then it is nice that the device is waterproof. Not only will you have to opt for a more extensive version, but also make sure that the device has at least IP 65.

The size and weight of the pedometer

Since you always want to have the pedometer with you, it is nice if the device is lightweight and not too big. This makes it easy to fit in your pocket or around your arm. A simple pedometer usually weighs less than 30 grams. It’s usually a good idea to get a lightweight pedometer so you don’t have to carry a lot of extra weight when walking or running.


How accurate a pedometer is depended on the model. Mechanical pedometers, found in basic pedometers, tend to be less accurate. Usually, they cannot distinguish a step from other movements such as cycling. On the other hand, an electronic pedometer with a 3D sensor is very accurate. The sensor can distinguish walking from other movements through the micro-electric-mechanical system. A 3D sensor detects movement forwards, backward, and sideways. Such a very accurate 3D sensor can be found in fitness and activity trackers.

Compatible with your smartphone or not

The simplest pedometers are usually not compatible with your smartphone. They only contain basic functions, such as pedometer and calorie consumption. If you value the connection with your mobile phone, make sure when purchasing that the model you want is really compatible with your smartphone. The connection between the smartphone and the pedometer is usually made via Bluetooth.

Additional features

The more extensive versions are also equipped with extra functions in addition. You can think of:

  • A heart rate monitor
  • A clock
  • GPS
  • light
  • A rangefinder
  • A sleep analysis function
  • A calorie counter

It’s up to you whether you want these features on your pedometer or activity tracker. Be aware that the more extensive devices are of course more expensive than the simple pedometers.

How did this list of the best pedometers come about?

It didn’t take us much effort to compile our list of the best of 2022! There were many editors of this Best Chosen website who volunteered to try out a pedometer. Logical since we all sit a lot of courses. However, the range is so large that we have not been able to try all options ourselves. That is why we have also been inspired by the reviews of large and small providers and the comparative tests of independent consumer organizations.  

Frequently asked questions

What is a pedometer?

You may have already been poking around the internet for a good pedometer and have come across the term a few times. A pedometer is nothing more and nothing less than another name for a pedometer. It comes from the French where it is called pédometres.

How many steps per day for seniors?

The norm for adults is between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day. Most seniors can also maintain this standard perfectly! If you have difficulty walking or are still building up your fitness, this can of course also be adjusted to, for example, 6000 steps per day. Always listen to your body and don’t force it.

Can anyone use a pedometer?

Yes, a pedometer is suitable for everyone. Because there are many devices, there is a suitable for everyone. A pedometer is also suitable for less athletic people who want to integrate more exercise into their daily routines.

How do you take a pedometer with you?

If you choose a pedometer with a wristband, it goes without saying how you take it with you. However, there are also other models on the market. For example, you can put it in your pocket or hang it around your neck with a strap. It’s just what you feel most comfortable with.

Where can you buy a good pedometer?

Given the increasing supply of pedometers, you will understand that you can go to more and more stores to buy a device that can count your steps. Don’t feel like going out for this and would you rather stay in bed a little longer? Which can! You can easily and quickly order our recommendations for 2022 online. For this you can go to webshops such as Coolblue and In these webshops, the pedometers are offered at competitive prices and in the vast majority of cases, your order will be delivered to you within a short period of time. Now that you also know what the most suitable pedometer is for you, the choice is certainly made quickly.

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