Best IPL Hair Removal Device Reviews 2022 [Comlete Buying Guide]

Well, come to my post “Best IPL Hair Removal Device” In this article, we will look for the best IPL hair removal device of 2021. They are several ways to remove body hair.

For many people, and especially for women, it is nice if the removal has a long-lasting effect or is even permanent. If you want to remove hair professionally, you can now do it yourself by using IPL.

This stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which means that it works with a powerful light beam. With a good device you can remove hair painlessly and quickly, after which it stays away for a longer period of time.

Are you looking for a professional light hair removal device and do you want to choose an item with the right price-quality ratio, then this article will help.


Best IPL Hair Removal Device 2022



First place in our list of the best IPL devices goes to the Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954/00, a professional and luxurious light hair removal device that you can use for IPL treatments on the face and on the body.

This Philips IPL light hair removal device is efficient and can be used both corded and wireless. The product uses flashes of light that are sent to the hair follicles, preventing new hair growth.

A built-in skin sensor measures the color of the skin so that the power of the light is professionally and automatically adjusted. This prevents the skin from burning, as can sometimes be the case when you use a cheap IPL light hair removal device.

The price-quality ratio is also good, especially because it is a professional light hair removal device. You often need a few treatments for good results. The Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954/00 is not suitable for red, light blond, white and gray hair


Professional IPL Light Hair Removal Device




Another good IPL hair removal device is the Braun Silk expert Pro 5 PL5137. This device comes with a handy pouch in which you can store the device. The Silk-Expert Pro 5 uses a powerful lamp that focuses precise flashes of light on the hair follicles.

Because this lamp is of high quality, you will be sweet for years with this device. This device is also equipped with a sensor that detects the color of the skin.

Before starting an IPL treatment, you should shave the area you want to treat. That is why you will also receive a razor with this article.

Braun Silk-expert Pro 5 PL5137 can only be used at a power outlet and is not suitable for dark skin or for red, white blond, gray or white hair.

In addition, both the Braun and the above Philips are in a high price range. If you are looking for a lower budget, then definitely look a little further in our top 5 best ipl hair removal devices.


Best price/quality IPL hair removal




Are you looking for a professional light hair removal device with the best price/quality ratio? Then the Philips Lumea Advanced BRI998/00 is the best choice. With this device you can depilate your body by means of IPL.

In contrast to other IPL devices, the light hair removal device is cheap, especially considering the good properties of the item.

The product is suitable for use on the body, face, for the bikini line and also if you have very sensitive skin. This device is professional and can be used in combination with an app.

The IPL device is equipped with a sensor for determining your skin type. You can read this professionally worked out information in the app so that you can see how you can use the light hair removal device in the best way for your body.

Unlike most IPL products, the Philips Lumea Advanced BRI998/00 is slightly cheaper.


Hair removal device for all types of hair




What sets the Silk’n Infinity Premium Smooth apart is that it is suitable for almost every skin type and hair color. Thanks to the built-in skin sensor, the light hair removal device measures your skin type and sets the correct position.

Only with very dark skin types it is possible that the sensor does not analyze properly. You also get a lady shaver to shave the area before the treatment. Due to these properties and because the light hair removal device of its kind is also relatively cheap, the price-quality ratio is also well balanced here.


Cheap light hair removal device



The best IPL hair removal device is too expensive for you? That is not abnormal, not everyone needs a professional device. Sometimes we just want a good buy, a cheap IPL hair removal device that works well without too many extra gadgets. The BaByliss Homelight 100 – IPL is a perfect alternative.

The BaByliss can be seen as a professional light hair removal device that is suitable for home use. This machine can be set in 5 different positions and is suitable for multiple skin types. You can only use this IPL device wired.

Compare IPL devices

What is IPL light hair removal?

The abbreviation IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. With this technique, hairs are professionally removed by using flashes of light. Depending on the type and type of light hair removal device, the intensity of the item can be set and adapted to the skin type of the user.

Most devices for IPL treatments are equipped with a built-in sensor that automatically detects the skin type. Because not every skin type and not every hair color is suitable, you should pay attention to this when purchasing a professional light hair removal device.

Do not immediately opt for an IPL item that is too cheap, but research the price-quality ratio carefully. Although this is not easy to determine, the price mainly depends on the lamp that is used. How long this lamp lasts will determine the price, and therefore also the quality, of your device.

In addition, you must be sure that the device supports your skin type. Most devices have a built-in skin sensor to set the device. Of course there are also wireless models.

Why buy an IPL hair removal device?

There are several reasons to buy a professional hair removal device for performing IPL treatments. You will have the opportunity to get started professionally at home with hair removal on your face and body. In an IPL treatment, the device sends light rays to the hair follicles, which stops hair growth.

If you use a good quality professional appliance, the hairs will often stay away for several years. When choosing a light hair removal device, the ratio between price and quality is important. Ideally, you would like to pay for a professional IPL light hair removal device as cheaply as possible.

If the price and quality are in balance and the device works well, then you don’t need to wash your armpits, face, legs,

Buy IPL light hair removal device,
what to pay attention to?

Before you buy the best IPL light hair removal device, it is good to know what to take into account. For example, what about the price/quality ratio, is the device suitable for every type of skin and you can also use the IPL light hair removal device with the help of a built-in battery.

To support you in this, we have listed a number of important points that you can pay attention to before purchasing a good IPL light hair removal device. It is important that you look at your needs and which device is suitable for your body and skin. Check out the points below, and choose it for your best IPL light hair removal device.



For professional removal of hair with an IPL light hair removal device , light flashes are used. When purchasing the device, pay attention to the power of the flashes of light that can be produced.

The size of the window through which the flashes of light come out of the hair removal device also determines the size of the surface you can treat at a time.

If the flashes of light are concentrated more on a small piece, the IPL treatment can therefore be more effective and ensure that the hairs stay away for a longer period of time.


Many people are looking for a professional hair removal device to remove hair from the body and face. The device that you want to buy for this must be suitable to be able to do that. A professional IPL light hair removal device is often supplied with an attachment with which you can also treat the face.

Take a good look at the extra materials and parts that come with the product so that you can get started professionally with an IPL treatment.


IPL is not suitable for everyone. That depends on the skin type and hair color of the user. Most IPL devices cannot be used by people with dark skin or by people with red, light blond, white or gray hair.

A professional light hair removal device can in some cases be used for this. When purchasing such a product, pay attention to the extra features (such as an attachment, battery, and the quality of the lamp) and whether you can use the item on your skin. Many hair removal devices have a built-in sensor to recognize the skin type.



It is especially important that you can work with the device in the way you want. If you are limited to a wired model, you cannot use the device on the road. If you prefer to use it when you are away from home, it is better to choose a wireless model.

All professional facial and body hair removal machines can be used with a cord. However, there are also models available that you can use wirelessly. Think carefully about your wishes and then look for an IPL device.

When NOT to use an IPL device

There are a number of important contraindications to using a professional IPL hair removal device.

You should not use a professional device if you are breast-feeding or pregnant. At that time, the skin is too sensitive to tolerate these radiations.

  • If you have a history of skin cancer, the use of an IPL hair removal device is not recommended. Here too, the skin is often too weak or sensitive to these light rays.
  • In places where there are tattoos and piercings, the use of a professional IPL device can also be hazardous to health. This also applies to places with varicose veins, the genitals, nipples, places where a hypodermic needle has been used, near a pacemaker or implants.
  • If you have a lot of freckles or moles, the use of a cheap IPL device is not recommended. If you use a professional hair removal device with a built-in sensor for recognizing skin types, it is possible.

Different types of hair removal devices

There are different types of hair removal devices for sale. For hair removal on body parts or the face, there are ladies’ shavers, epilators and devices that use light for hair removal such as IPL light hair removal devices and laser hair removal devices.

So that you can find out what suits you, we have briefly listed the differences between these devices for you.


With a lady shaver you can shave hair easily and quickly. It depends on the type and model whether it is possible to use the ladyshave wirelessly or whether it can only be used with a cord connected to a socket.

Unlike an epilator and a professional IPL light hair removal device, using this type of device is painless. A lady shaver must be used regularly to shave off the returning hair and to ensure smooth skin. A professional device is often cheap compared to an IPL light hair removal device. Most lady shavers can be used for the body and face.

TOP – Best lady shavers 2022

Are you looking for a device for hair removal on your body or face and would you like to get the best at home? Then we can help you find the best lady shaver. Based on our own research, we have made a top 5 of the best lady shavers of 2021. Here we have looked at, among other things, the best price / quality ratio, the best lady shaver for sensitive skin and the most inexpensive devices in this area. We also took a close look at the brands, from Braun to Philips lady shavers.

When compiling the top five best price/quality lady shavers, we took several factors into account. In addition to the price and quality, these are also the extra functions of the devices, the ease of use and the differences between brands.

PHILIPS – BRL180 / 00

Best lady shave 2022




This Philips ladyshave is a small upgrade of the BRL140 mentioned above. There is also a BRL160, as an interim solution. The Philips BRL180/00 ​​SatinShave is very versatile. It has a flexible washable head. Since the device is waterproof, you can always easily clean it and use it in the shower.

This also means that you can shave both dry and wet. The charging indicator lets you know when the battery is low. This way you know in time whether you have enough battery while taking a shower, or whether you should shave at another time.

Compared to the BRL140, you also have a larger battery and a quick charge function. This BRL180 is also slightly lighter than the BRL140 and you get some extra accessories. Especially the detail trimmer and the protective cap are handy. The BRL180 costs only 25 euros more than the cheaper BRL140.


Best price / quality lady shave 2022




The Philips SatinShave Advanced BRL140/00 comes out of our test as the best price / quality. There are other Phlips models with more options, but for us this BRL140 is more than enough. This device is easy to use and ensures a smooth result. The supplied accessories are also more than sufficient, and you can use them in the shower.

The head is flexible and washable, the only thing you don’t have compared to the BRL 160 or 180 is an extra battery and a quick charge function. For a slightly more budget you buy more options.

The features of the professional lady shaver allow you to shave over curves with ease. The trimmer can be used with three different attachments that you receive as standard with the device. This lady shaver works on a battery; the charging time of the device is approximately 8 hours.


Braun – Alternative Lady Shave




The battle for the best lady shave is fairly limited. It is clear that Philips is a few steps ahead. This Braun ladyshave is not bad, but it lacks some easy extras that the Philips ladyshaves do offer.

This Braun is a quality device that shaves very easily and smoothly. It is important to know that you cannot take a shower with this and therefore cannot shave wet. In addition, it works on mains power, so the device must always be connected.

The Braun Silk-épil LS 5-360 is intended for shaving legs, armpits or the bikini line and is suitable for all skin types. With a special attachment you can also exfoliate the skin before shaving. A trim attachment is also provided with the article. This device has no flexible head and weighs about 460 grams.

Compare Lady Shaves

What is a lady shaver?

A lady shaver is a razor that can be used for shaving armpits, legs and the bikini line. Unlike a classic shaver, this device cannot be used for shaving, for example, a beard or mustache.

A lady shaver is made for finer hairs and is often designed in such a way that you can use it well for shaving curves. A lady shaver often has an elongated shaving head that can be used flexibly. In most cases, a professional lady shaver comes with different attachments.

With this hair can be trimmed or shaved and in some cases it is possible to exfoliate the skin. The cheap versions often have fewer options and possibilities, while devices such as the best Braun and the best Philips ladyshave, for example, can be used in the shower and have a built-in battery.

Why buy a professional lady shaver?

Everyone wants to look good. Many people therefore want to remove their legs, armpits and other body hair. You can easily do this by using a lady shaver. With a good ladyshave you can shave and touch up your legs, armpits and bikini line quickly and easily.

If you opt for a cheap variant, you can often only shave, the more expensive variants also provide other options. A real professional lady shaver is often recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Buying a ladyshave,
what to watch out for?

Before you buy a lady shaver, there are several things you should pay attention to. It is important to look at your own wishes. What type of skin do you have, what do you want to shave and how do you want to be able to shave. Do you want a professional ladyshave or rather a cheap ladyshave? Take a good look at the different aspects that brands such as the best Braun and the best Philips have to offer and do not immediately opt for a cheap professional ladyshave.

The ratio of the best price / quality is very important for this. Below we have listed a number of points that are good to keep in mind when looking for the best professional ladyshave.


If you want complete freedom for shaving your legs, armpits and bikini line, choose a professional lady shaver with a built-in battery. Cheap devices do not always have a battery and can only be used at a socket via a power cord. Ladyshaves that have a built-in battery are much more convenient to use.


If you only want to be able to shave, a cheap lady shaver is often an excellent choice. However, if you want more options, such as with a professional lady shaver, then also look at the attachments that you get.

Extra attachments make it possible not only to shave, but also to trim hair, for example, or to take extra care of the skin before, during and after shaving. Many lady shavers come standard with multiple attachments and a handy pouch in which the device can be stored after use.


The way you want to shave can also differ per person. Many people opt for a professional lady shaver that is waterproof and can therefore also be used in the shower. An additional advantage of such a lady shaver is that the device can be easily cleaned with water.

In contrast to a professional ladyshave, a cheap ladyshave is not always waterproof. Cleaning such a cheap lady shaver is often a bit more difficult, since these devices can only be cleaned with a cleaning brush.


The power delivered by the device is also important, especially since a lady shaver is often used on parts of the body where the skin can be sensitive. It depends on the type of ladyshave whether you can also use it for, for example, sensitive skin, or for removing thicker hair. A device with different positions is therefore an extra advantage.

Such devices can often also be adjusted when it comes to intensity. For example, you can set the device to work more gently if you want to shave your armpits. An inexpensive variant is usually not or less adapted to sensitive skin.


A good point to take into account, as mentioned before, is the criterion of whether the device is waterproof. This is important for how you want to use the device, but also with regard to maintenance.

If you look at your own needs and wishes, research whether you want to buy a professional lady shaver with the best price / quality ratio for dry or wet shaving.

This differs per person and also depends on what you want to shave. Some professional lady shavers are only made to be used on dry skin. However, better lady shavers are intended for shaving on wet skin, such as in the shower.



If you want to ensure that your body and face are free of hair for longer, you can opt for an epilation machine. Epilators are also sold in many shapes and sizes. With an epilator, the hairs are pulled out of the hair follicle with the root.

This creates a smooth feeling on the skin. The hairs often stay away longer than when you use a lady shaver. Compared to a lady shaver, the use of an epilation machine is often a lot more sensitive, because the hairs are pulled from the hair follicles.

Top 5 – best epilator 2022

With the best epilator, you can easily and quickly remove hair from your body. This can be done with a professional epilator or by using a cheap epilator. It is always important that you look at the price/quality ratio when purchasing items. Epilators come in different types, shapes, and colors.

An epilator has a shaving head that is used to pull hairs out of the hair follicles. As a result, the hairs often stay away for a longer period of time, especially if you compare that with shaving.

On the other hand, using an epilator takes a little more time than shaving. When using a cheap epilator, hair removal can sometimes be painful. We have compiled the top 5 best epilators 2021 to make the choice easy. Find the best epilator for your use and budget!

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 5 5-810

Best epilator 2022



In our search for the best epilator, we ended up with the Braun SkinSpa SensoSmart. It is compact, easy to use, and strong enough to be a professional device. In addition, we think all the extras on this device are a nice bonus. On the one hand epilation, on the other hand, shaving, and easy to clean in the shower.

That’s all a good epilator should be. The price/quality ratio is also good. Although you pay a little more for this device, you get a lot of extras. The quality of the device is also exemplary.

In addition to the epilator, you will also receive some accessories. Two scrubbing brushes, two protective caps, two trimming attachments, a skin contact attachment, a shaving head, a trimming attachment, a facial cap, a cleansing brush, a charger and a storage pouch.

This best epilator is not a cheap epilator, but one with many possibilities. In addition to epilation, you can also exfoliate, massage, shave and use the device when you are in the shower.

PHILIPS – BRE632/00 epilator

Good buy epilator – price / quality51rp+vgRRjL._SL1300_2


The Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry BRE632/00 is an excellent alternative to our ‘best epilator’. Fewer accessories but an excellently simple device.

Due to the various parts and attachments that come with the product, it is still fairly multifunctional. In fact, compared to Braun’s best epilator, as discussed above, the Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry BRE632/00 is a cheap epilator.

Nevertheless, it is a professional epilator that you can use for depilating legs, armpits and the bikini line. Several attachments are included with the device.

You can use it for trimming hair, epilating sensitive areas and for use on the face. This best Philips epilation machine can be used wirelessly and comes with a charger.

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 5 5-620

Top range epilator + massage & scrub attachments 




If we are looking for luxury devices, there is one model that stands out (both in price and possibilities). Without considering the purchase price, this is the best epilator on the market. This epilator is very similar to the Braun above with the extra features for the face.

Extra attachments and a versatile use. Although the budget is slightly higher, you get quality and options for your money. The device itself is very similar, especially the shave and scrub functions have been renewed. In addition, this model has a flexible head for easy shaving / epilation.

This is still missing from the above Braun. Please note, the above Braun does have a massage function that this 5 5-620 does not have. As extra attachments you get, for example, a facial scrubber and attachments for shaving. You can choose between shaving and epilation, depending on where you need it.

This combination ensures a place in the list of best epilators. It is important that the target price of this device is € 180, an amount that not everyone wants to spend on an epilator. You also get a maintenance brush, storage bag and comb attachments.


Editor’s pick – versatile use





Without any restrictions, our preference for the best epilator goes to this Philips BRE650. The above and cheaper Philips is a very good device. If you want some extras, this is the best alternative. Relatively cheap, good for shaving, massages and hair removal. Just a pity that Philips does not yet have a flexible head like the Braun devices.

Outside of that, this epilator really should not be inferior. The battery lasts about 40 minutes per use. You can also use it in the shower, which is always handy. If you want to stay under € 100, this is the best epilator.

Compare epilator

Why buy an Epilator?

There are several reasons why you could choose a cheap epilator, the best Braun, the best Philips or a professional epilator. The advantage of a decent device is that you can easily remove hairs so that they will stay away for a longer period of time. That is of course not the case if you only shave the hair.

A good appliance such as the best Braun and the best Philips epilator will last for a long time, can often be used cordless, can be used in the shower and are designed in such a way that the hairs are removed efficiently and without much effort. Buying a cheap epilation machine is of course also a possibility, although it is better to look carefully at the best price / quality of a device.

What is an epilator?

With an epilator you can easily and quickly remove hair from the body. Unlike a lady shaver, the hair is not shaved off. An epilator can be compared to a shaver when it comes to shape and partly also the function. A professional epilator like the best Braun and the best Philips can also be used for shaving legs, armpits and the bikini line.

An epilator, on the other hand, removes the hair by pulling it root and all from the hair follicles. This treatment is often sensitive and with a cheap epilator it can also be painful. The big advantage is that you will remove the hair for a longer period of time.

Buying an epilator,
what to pay attention to?


You can use a professional epilator such as Braun and Philips at different speeds. The speed at which the device works determines how efficiently the hairs can be removed. For example, to remove thicker hairs, a higher speed is needed. Removing soft thin hairs requires less force. It is important that you keep an eye on the best price / quality. So look at the possibilities with the device in terms of speeds.


In addition to the best price / quality ratio, it is also useful to be able to use the device for multiple purposes. Can you also use the epilation machine to shave, for example, or is it possible to charge the epilation machine?

If you look at a professional epilator, such as the best Philips, you will see that in addition to an epilator, a charger, a storage bag and various accessories are also included. You can then use the device for different skin types and multiple types of hair. Cleaning is often easy if a brush is also included for maintenance.


For maintenance and use, it is also good to look at the water resistance of an item such as a professional epilator. For example, is it possible to clean the device with water? You can also use it in the shower. This is often the case with Braun and Philips appliances.

If an item can only be used dry, there is a good chance that it can only be cleaned with a brush. This is often the case with cheaper models. That in itself is not a bad thing, but it is often more difficult to get the device properly clean.


The most important thing when purchasing a good epilator is of course the ease of use. You must be able to feel comfortable using the product and the device must fully meet your needs. This often comes with a slightly higher budget, but the best epilators are on average slightly more expensive than the cheap models.

The ease of use consists of the versatility of the device. Can you use the article for several things, such as epilating legs, armpits, face, the bikini line and other areas? Is it possible to shave with the device? Is the head on the machine flexible and can you handle difficult surfaces with ease? The answers to these questions will give you a better idea of ​​what is the best epilator for you.


Another factor to consider when choosing a good epilator is how the power supply is provided. For example, the article is equipped with a built-in battery, as is often the case with a best Philips professional epilator.

In that case, you can charge the device at a wall outlet and use it for a certain amount of time, usually an hour, before the battery is empty. You can often find a built-in battery with a professional epilator that you can use in the shower. If showering is a must for you, then the best epilator is a wireless model.

An inexpensive epilator can often only be used with the aid of a power cable to a socket. There are also devices on the market that use batteries. Using exchangeable batteries makes you flexible in use, but ensures that you have to replace them regularly.


An IPL light hair removal device is also a compact item. Depending on the type, an IPL device can be used wirelessly or with a cord. An IPL light hair removal device uses flashes of light that work the hair follicles. These flashes of light cause the hair follicles to stop growing. A good and professional device can ensure that you sometimes have smooth skin without hair for years.

It is less painful to use than with an epilation machine. On the other hand, a professional light hair removal device is often not cheap. The price-quality ratio is good because you will often notice a long-lasting result after a few treatments. However, IPL hair removal devices are not suitable for everyone. That depends on your skin type and your hair color.


Another way of light hair removal is the use of a laser. Just like with an IPL device, the laser attacks the hair follicles and stops the growth of hairs. This allows you in many cases to ensure that you can permanently remove hair.

Such a device is often difficult to use yourself and because the laser beam can only cover a small surface at a time, hair removal in this way is a time-consuming activity. On the other hand, you often have completely smooth skin after 6 to 8 treatments.

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