Best Hair Straightener Style Reviews 2022 [ Complete Buying Guide ]

Well, comes to my post”Best hair straightener 2022 Style”. The hair straightener: an indispensable gadget for the bathroom. Certainly not only for special occasions, but also useful if, for example, an excellent tuft of hair is in the way.

Nowadays there is a lot of choice and there are many brands and types of hair straighteners. But which straightener is really good? Should you choose ceramic plates or titanium and what’s the difference?

It is important to orientate yourself well before you buy a straightener because the wrong straightener can damage your hair considerably. Read on quickly because we have done the ‘Best hair straightener 2022’ test for you.

Types Of Hair Straighteners

An important difference between straighteners is the material of the plates.
It is important that you look at your hair type and what result you want without extremely damaging your hair.

But which kind do you need? We have explained the most common hair straightener types below.

Hair Straightener With Ceramic Plates

The plates of a hair straightener are made of ceramic or titanium. But there is also a difference between ceramic plates or a ceramic ‘coating’ . This is just a small layer of ceramic with aluminum plates underneath.

When this eventually wears off, only aluminum remains and this is very bad for your hair. It is therefore better to choose a straightener with ceramic plates to prevent wear and damage.




Ceramic plates are suitable for fine to normal hair and can be used often. They protect your hair because it gives off infrared heat. This prevents the drying and fading of colored hair.

Hair Straightener WithTtitanium Plates

Then the titanium plates are a bit firmer and are especially for people with thicker hair, curls or frizzy hair. Professional straighteners usually contain titanium plates, as they suit all hair types best.

Titanium plates last a long time and can also be used often. Both straighteners ensure that the heat is evenly distributed over your hair, which is important for protection.



Tourmaline Rock

There is also another rock that you often encounter when choosing hair straighteners, namely: tourmalineThis is a type of rock that is finely ground and then mixed with ceramic or titanium. Tourmaline and ceramic have the same characteristics. Tourmaline is suitable for all hair types and makes your hair even smoother.

Steam Straightener

A new kind of hair straightener is a steam straightener. This hair straightener has a small water reservoir and is very suitable for thick, curly, and frizzy hair. Because of the use of steam, you can use this straightener often, without getting a dry bunch of straw in return.




Ionic Technology

Something you’ve probably never heard of when picking out a straightener is ionic technologyHowever, it is important to keep this in mind when choosing. The materials ceramic and tourmaline both produce so-called negative ‘ions’ when they get hot.




Hair naturally contains positive ions, a positive electrical charge that makes the hair static and therefore difficult to style. The negative ions provide a resistance and thus shiny and protected hair. If you want a good hair straightener, make sure that it contains the ‘ionic technology’ hallmark.

How Do I Choose The Best Sair Straightener?

To make a choice between all these types, it is also important to consider, in addition to factors such as hair type, how often you want to use the device.

Do You Use Your Straightener Very Often Or Only Occasionally?

If you occasionally use your straightener, a ceramic coating is also fine. The coating has the same effect as a ceramic plate, but there is a greater chance that it will wear out.

Do you use it several times a week?

Then we recommend that you choose a straightener with ceramic or titanium plates. The even distribution of heat and anti-frizz effect provide protection and a beautiful result. Both are a bit more pricey but then it will be worth the investment.

Furthermore, it is of course important to know which temperature is suitable for your type of hair.
Do you have fine, thin hair

Then a lower temperature is required. Thin hair absorbs heat faster. If you can set the temperature yourself, 180°C is an ideal temperature for this type of hair.

If you have thick, stiffer, or frizzy hair, a higher temperature is better because of the slower absorption of heat. For this type of hair, consider a temperature of 220°C.

What you can also pay attention to is the width of the straightener. For thicker hair, a wider straightener is better, so you can immediately grab a thicker strand and it ultimately saves time. Dimensions you could assume are:

  • For thin hair: narrower than 1 inch
  • For normal hair: 1 inch
  • For thick hair: wider than 1 inch

In addition to this article, we also have an article about ‘Best Curling Iron 2022’. But did you know that it is also often possible to curl with a flat ironTo make this easier, there are a few features to pay attention to, namely: the shape of the straightener, flexible plates, and a rotating cord.

As for the shape: does the straightener has rounded platesThis is better because this way your hair is not kinked by a pointed corner while twisting. If the straightener has flexible plates, this means that the plates are a bit looser in the straightener. This ensures that they move better with your hair and that you can curl your hair more easily.

Finally: a rotating cordIf the cord is attached to your straightener and you want to curl your hair, that becomes more difficult. This is because if you make the curl and you turn the straightener a turn, the cord will get in the way. With a rotating cord, you do not suffer from this and it is easier to turn your straightener when making curls.

An ideal straightener for curling is the Remington S8500. It has rounded plates, the plates are flexible and it has a rotating cord.

 Best Hair Straightener 2022

The Three Best Hair Straighteners Of 2022

As you can see, the test table has yielded good results. The three best hair straighteners based on the three different segments are:

 Remington S8500

The winning title ‘Best Hair Straightener 2020’ is the ‘Remington S8500’ . Why it was voted the best hair straightener 2020? The Remington S8500 meets all specifications, has a reasonable price and has been absolutely approved after our own testThe hair becomes beautifully shiny, due to the addition of Argan oil that is activated by the heat.






In addition, the somewhat more expensive CHI G2 came out on top in the test, with a nice 8.0 as a score. This is because it is made of the most durable material: titanium. This ensures that in addition to longevity, it also contains sturdiness. The CHI G2 also provides a shiny result that you keep for a long time.

Another plus: it contains dual voltage so that it can also be used abroad. In short: are you looking for a hair straightener with all the trimmings and do you want value for money? Then go for the CHI G2 and this product will not disappoint you.

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Max Pro Evolution

Finally, the winner of the best value for money segment: the Max Pro Evolution. With a nice 7.0, this product shows that you can have a beautiful product in your hands with a reasonable price.

This straightener is equipped with titanium plates, ion technology and has the ability to curl in addition to styling. This straightener also meets all specifications that were included in the test.





Own Test

Because the Remington S8500 was chosen as the winner of the ‘Best Hair Straightener 2020’, we also tested it ourselves. With a satisfying result: as soon as you pulled it over one strand, it was immediately stylish. It also warmed up quickly. The end result: smooth and shiny hair. My hair stayed straight until it came into contact with water.

 Tips For Hairstyles

  • Only style your hair when it is dry to avoid burns.
  • Always clean your straightener with a little alcohol and a cotton ball.
  • Once you’re done styling, let the straightener cool down before you put it away.

Also not unimportant: protection for styling your hairEspecially if you style your hair more often, it is important that you protect the hair well because it comes into contact with heat, which is never good for your hair of course.

An ideal product for this is the ‘L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protection Hair Spray’. This styling product has a unique formula with dual action:

  • It protects the hair against aggressions from heat devices up to 230°C
  • It fights moisture and frizzy hair
  • Gives extra volume

Provides supple hair with a satin-soft touch

Bonus: Hair Straightener FAQ

1 – What should I choose a straightener for?
To make a good choice of hair straightener, you must first choose a hair straightener based on material. Think of ceramics (ceramic coating is also possible) or titanium.

To choose between these two materials, you can look at the frequency of use. With little use, ceramic coating is sufficient and with more frequent use, ceramic and titanium are recommended for protection and longevity. It is also important that the straightener contains ionic technology.

2 – Where is the best place to buy my hair straightener?

You can straightener best for Bol buying .com or Cool Blue. They have a wide range of hair straighteners there.

3 – What temperature is needed for my hair type?

180 degrees is the ideal temperature for thin and fine hair. With thick, stiffer, or frizzy hair, a higher temperature is required, due to the slower absorption of heat. Think of a temperature of 220 degrees.

4 – Which hair straightener is needed for frizzy hair?

For frizzy hair, a straightener with titanium plates is the best choice.

5 – Which hair straightener is needed for thinning hair?

For thin and fine hair, a straightener with ceramic plates is the best choice.

6 – What width should my straightener be?

For thin and fine hair, a narrower than 1 inch is the ideal width. 1 inch for normal hair and wider than 1 inch for thick hair.

7 – Which hair straighteners came out on top in the Best Chosen test? The best in the test were the Remington S8500, CHI G2, and Max Pro Evolution.

8 – Why is it better to choose ceramic or titanium?

It is best to choose ceramic or titanium plates because ceramic coating causes wear. This wear leaves aluminum which is very bad for your hair.

9 – How do I know if I can curl with my straightener?

To curl your hair, your straightener should have rounded plates, flexible plates, and a rotating cord.

10 – How do I best clean my hair straightener?

Always clean your straightener with a little alcohol and a cotton ball.

11 – What is ionic technology?

With ionic technology, your hair is enveloped by negative ions during styling, so that they are better protected.

12 – Is it bad to style my hair?

It’s not bad to style your hair, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Preferably not styling every day: this affects your hair. You should also use a protection product. And one last tip: never style it when it’s wet to avoid burns.

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