The 5 Best Drills Machine Of Reviews 2022 [ Complete Buying Guide ]

Finally getting rid of the screwdriver, with a drill you drill screws into your walls at high speed

Well’ Comes To My Article”The 5 Best Drills Machine Of Reviews 2022” To know what the best drill is, you have to determine what kind of drill you need and what you will use it for. Screwdriving and drilling in softer surfaces can be done with a cordless drill.

If you want a drill for a heavier job, you should think of an impact drill or a rotary hammer. In this list we look at the best cordless drills, but also impact drills that can switch off the impact function. Also important is that they run on battery.

According to our research, the best drill for most people is DeWalt’s DCD777S2T . This cordless drill is light, powerful and has a good price-quality ratio. It is ideal for screwdriving but also for drilling in plaster, wood, metal and soft stone.

If you prefer a powerful impact drill, we recommend the Metabo SB18L. Read under our top 5 how to choose and how we compare drilling machines.


Best cordless drill 2022

dalwat 777c2


According to our research, the DeWalt DCD777c2 is the best drill for most people. It is suitable for screwdriving and drilling in plaster, wood, metal and soft stones. If you want to drill through brick or tiles, you’ll need an impact drill. These remove grit during drilling.

This drill is equipped with two mechanical gears so that it is suitable for both light and heavy jobs. For tough jobs you can count on a maximum torque capacity of 65 Nm, which is very powerful for its price category.

It has a comfortable grip and is quite light at 1.5 kg, making it suitable for long-term use. Thanks to the two included 1.5 Ah batteries, one can always be connected to the charger while you continue working.

The batteries work on 18V and are compatible with the DeWalt XR platform so that you can also use it for other devices. We can recommend this drill to people looking for an affordable yet high-performance drill that can both screw and drill. The only real downside is the lack of accessories. You can order the 32-piece bit set separately.

Metabo – 18V Brushless 3-Speed Drill

Best impact drill – with accessories

Metabo - 18V Brushless 3-Speed Dril


The Metabo  18V Mobile is the best impact drill for most people. An impact drill is suitable for heavier work such as drilling in brick or through tiles. The head is equipped with a knock function to get through hard materials. Materials that you cannot get through with an ordinary drill.

You can drill up to 10 mm deep in brick, which is sufficient for most jobs. Thanks to a weight of 1.6 kg, it is suitable for long jobs without the device becoming too heavy. And thanks to the two 18V batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah, you can always charge one while you continue working with the other. This way you never have to interrupt your work to wait for your battery to be recharged.

The disadvantage of Metabo is that, unlike brands such as DeWalt or Makita, it does not have a smaller range of compatible devices for which you can use the batteries. The 18V comes with a handy case and an extensive accessory set.

This includes bits but also drills for metal and brick. We can recommend this impact drill to people who are looking for a device with which you can do (almost) everything. You can use it to screw and drill in all materials except concrete.

Makita XFD10Z

Powerful impact drill – without accessories

Makita XFD10Z



The Makita XFD10Z is a professional drill that is suitable for heavy work. If you go for an impact drill, we prefer the Metabo because of the handy accessories and bit set at a very reasonable price. If you want more power for really solid work, this Makita is a better option.

With 1900 rpm (strokes per minute) you have more than the 27000 from Metabo. You can drill holes up to 38mm in diameter. With this device you can also go through brick or tiles.

This device is not cheap and you have to purchase the bit set separately. Consider the benefits before going for this Makita. Ask yourself to what extent these extras are necessary.

Another advantage, an electric motor brake ensures that the device stops immediately as soon as you release the switch. With a maximum torque of ‎480 Inch Pounds, we are just as high as the Metabo SB 18 V.

BOSCH PS130-2A 12-Volt

Price / quality cordless drill + accessories

BOSCH PS130-2A 12-Volt


The above drills are the best drills for people who often do odd jobs and therefore need good material. If you are a sporadic handyman who only removes the drill when things fall apart, you do not need an expensive device.

If you are looking for a good basic model with a lot of attachments, so that you can handle every task with the same device, then the Bosch PS is a good choice. This is a quality cheap cordless drill.

Weighs only 1kg and operates at 70% of the strength of the above DeWalt. Not very powerful, but powerful enough for screwdriving and drilling in wood or soft metals, stone or plaster.

Do not underestimate the device either, with 40 Mn, 1350 rpm, two gears and 21 coupling positions you still have a very versatile device. The price is not too bad for Bosch quality and you can choose between several batteries and accessories.

Aokia Power Cordless Drill

Cheap drilling machine

Aokia Power Cordless Drill


If you buy a drill for simple tasks, a drill that you will use every now and then, you don’t need the best drill. A quality cheap drill is then your priority. This Aokia Power Cordless Drill fits this description. Enough power to just get through soft rock, up to 1 cm, in exchange for a little less battery.

Other models maintain a good battery but sacrifice power. That’s why thisAokia Power Cordless Drill is here as choice for cheap drill.

You really don’t miss much. You don’t have a knock function, let that be clear. You have a screw and drill function, powerful enough to pierce wood, metal and soft stone. The device also uses two speeds, you can adjust this per task. In wood you drill up to 22 mm, in metal a maximum of 10 mm.

The LED lighting is also a nice extra, so you can see better what is happening. With 35 Nm clutch you don’t deliver too much there either. Other cheap drills often have only 25 Nm. We read ourselves that some users still get through bricks. They also make it clear that this is not a drill for precision work. A maximum torque of ‎280 Inch Pounds.

Compare cordless drills

Which drill should I buy

A drill is a handy tool to have around the house. In the meantime, you have to assemble most furniture yourself, whether you buy it at IKEA, Weba or elsewhere. By purchasing a drill, you no longer have to manually screw in every screw.

So you can avoid a lot of hand pain and frustration by investing in a cordless drill. But you can use it for more than just screwing furniture together. Just think of replacing a hanging lamp, installing shelves or placing a gate at the top of the stairs.

A compact 12-volt drill is sufficient for assembling an IKEA cabinet or small work. If, on the other hand, you plan to do heavy chores all day, you are better off with a more powerful 18-volt drill. Below we go over a number of aspects that you should take into account when making your choice.

Buy a drill what to look out for


The type of drill you need depends on the type of work you want to do. A screw driver is a compact and inexpensive device that is only suitable for screwdriving, but not for drilling. A cordless drill is a cordless drill that is not only suitable for screwdriving but also for drilling through weaker materials such as wood, plaster and soft stone.

On the other hand, if you want to drill through tiles or brick, you need an impact drill, unfortunately these devices are not suitable for screwdriving because they also make a knocking movement in the length.

There are impact drills with which you can turn off the impact function so that you can also screw with it. A rotary hammer is a very heavy device that is also made for drilling in concrete.


The 12 volt drills are cheap, compact and available in many different models. Its are suitable for most chores around the house. Whether it’s assembling IKEA furniture, replacing hanging lamps or other small repairs. These are unfortunately less suitable for heavier work.

  Most construction workers will work with an 18-volt drill. These drills have more power and a powerful battery. They can handle the toughest tasks such as building a garden house and heavy drilling. 

The disadvantage of these 18 volt drills is that they are more expensive and heavier compared to the 12 volt drills. But we recommend most people go for a 12 volt drill as this is sufficient for the simple jobs around your house.


The good drills are sold with two detachable batteries. You can usually not just interrupt the work you are doing.

That is why it is useful to be able to switch to your second battery while you can recharge the first battery.

Depending on the brand, the battery may be compatible with other devices of the same brand that you already own. Keep this in mind when choosing which drill you are going to buy.


In our research, we looked at which drills have a comfortable grip. When you spend a whole day assembling IKEA furniture, it is pleasant to use a drill with a soft grip.

But weight is also important, the lighter the drill, the easier it is to operate it for a long time without cramping. We recommend buying a device lighter than 3 kg.


Drills with a depth stop can be set so that you can make the holes at an exact depth. This is important for precision work when you want to drill on a wall with wires or pipes behind it.

drilling rate

All modern drills have a speed control so that you can set the ideal speed depending on your job. The more expensive models not only have a speed control, but also two mechanical speeds. You need a low turning power and a high speed to drill. While for screwdriving you need a high turning power but a low speed.


When you buy a drill, it is handy to get a supplied case with it. This way you can easily store it and it is protected from dust and water when you leave it in your garden house. What is less important are the supplied drill sets. These are often of inferior quality and it is better to purchase them separately.

Different types of drilling machines

cordless drill

The most commonly used type of drill is the cordless drill. This is a small simple drill with a battery. We rarely see this type of drill with a wire. Hence the name cordless drill. This is suitable for small but also slightly larger works. You can screw, drill in wood, metal and soft stone with it.

Depending on the power of your device, of course, because the cheap drill from Ikea, for example, can’t handle this. If you want to drill in hard stone or concrete, do not do this with a standard cordless drill. It’s not powerful enough for this at all.

On the battery you will find the ampere of the battery. This is important to compare because it tells you something about how long you can use the drill. For example, you know that you can last a lot longer with 2 aH than 1 aH. You can read the power of the drill from the drill diameter.

The larger the maximum drill diameter, the more powerful the device will be. Some drills also use different gears. If you are going to screw, use a low setting. If you are going to drill, you can set a gear higher, the hard the surface, the higher you can set the gear.

Impact drill

This is for drilling in brick. It generates a knocking motion while drilling to knock rock away while drilling. Some devices have the option to switch off this knock mode. So you can just screw.

Screwing is not done with this type of machine. These are used for drilling in hard or soft surfaces, with or without a hammer function. The impact function should remove grit from the drill hole.

Also with this type of drill you are not allowed to drill in concrete. You need a hammer drill for this.

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