The 5 Best Carpet Cleaners Of Reviews 2022 [ Complete Buying Guide ]

A device specially made to clean and clean carpets

Well’ Comes To My Article”The 5 Best Carpet Cleaners Of Reviews 2022 ” Is your home equipped with tapis plein or does your pet ever let a leak on your beautiful carpet? Or maybe one of your children has a dust allergy? 

Cleaning your carpet regularly is a must for some people and without a decent carpet cleaner or carpet cleaner products, it is impossible. But you’re in the right place here, because we help you on your way to the best carpet cleaner! 

A choice that depends on your home, its use, and needs, and the budget you make available for this. Read under our top 5 how you should compare these devices and what you should pay attention to when purchasing.

Bissell Proheat Cleanshot 2X

Bissell ProHeat 2X


This solid carpet cleaner from Bissell gets very good reviews and is especially recommended for people with pets. In addition to carpets, you can also use the supplied accessories to clean other textiles or upholstered stairs while heated.

Normally your carpet has to dry for a long time after cleaning before you can step on it, but because of the fairly powerful suction power (800 Watts) of the Bissell Revolution CleanShot 2X you can walk back on it after one hour. The reservoir contains 3.7 liters, with which you can clean an area of ​​40 m² in one pull. Finally, the device is light and easily maneuverable.

According to our research, this appliance is the best carpet cleaner for most households due to its handy use, quality material, and performance, more than powerful enough with a good price/quality ratio.

Bissell Spotclean Pro 2458n

Bissell Spotclean Pro 2458n


If you prefer a portable carpet cleaner that you can also easily operate by hand, there is the handy Bissell Spotclean Pro. This is a model with which you can clean carpets, car interiors and stairs. The big difference is that this is a model without a handle, so you can hold the 1.5 meter hose in your hand and remove specific stains while sitting.

The device is used more to remove specific stains than to give your carpet a general cleaning. The suction power is 750 Watt, the reservoirs contain 2.9 and 3.5 liters and the cable is 6.5 meters long. The only downside is that the machine makes quite a bit of noise: 84 decibels.

If you have a large carpet to clean, we do not recommend this appliance. This really should remove specific stubborn stains. If you use this device for the entire carpet, it will take you a few hours. Nevertheless, it deserves a place in the list of best carpet cleaners because it is a portable carpet cleaner for multi-purpose use.

Karcher WD5/P Multi-Purpose

Karcher WD5/P Multi-Purpose


If you don’t need your carpet cleaner that often and especially want to buy a cheaper model, then you can consider the Kärcher WD5/P carpet cleaner. This is for sale for less than €200 and is a budget-friendly recommendation due to its ease of use and powerful suction (1800 watts).

This appliance does what it is supposed to do and comes with a number of accessories such as a dry floor nozzle, a baseboard nozzle, and an upholstery nozzle. You can therefore also dry clean with it and tackle car upholstery or mattresses.

The cord has a length of 8.5 meters and weighs about 18.75 pounds. The disadvantage of this machine is that the 6-liter reservoir has to be refilled regularly for major work and you often have to go over your carpet or sofa several times to clean it as well as with more expensive models.

Although the above Bissell has a very good price/quality ratio, the Kärcher offers a similar device at a lower price. It is true that the Bissell is more performant, which also makes it the best carpet cleaner of 2021. This Kärcher is an excellent alternative if you can spare some power.

In exchange, you get a lot of accessories that also make the device very easy to use. If you need a cleaner for the seats or car, then you’re better off with the Kärcher.

Kärcher Sc 3 Easyfix Premium

Karcher SC 3 Portable



The Kärcher easyfix premium is in fact a steam cleaner with supplied accessories for cleaning carpets. This means that you can also clean your kitchen, sanitary, floors, windows and other things with it. You let the machine heat up for 4 minutes and then you can clean your house for half an hour without having to replace the reservoir.

The reservoir contains only 1.2 liters and must therefore be topped up regularly. At 3 kilos, this is a fairly light carpet cleaner and the versatility is very practical. Your carpet is clean and bacteria-free and so are your shower walls, wooden floors, toilet bowl, taps, etc.! One drawback is that the 6-meter cord could have been a bit longer.

This device could also be at the top of the list of best carpet cleaners. Powerful, easy to use, Kärcher quality, … . This device is a good alternative to the Bissell Cleanshot. The Bissell benefits from its easy-to-use design. 

The Kärcher is advantageous because it uses a maneuverable arm, and not a handle like the Bissell. However, we do not opt ​​for the Kärcher because this is actually a steam cleaner that is equipped for carpets. If you want more steam cleaner options, read the top 4 best steam cleaners .

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10


If you are looking for a carpet cleaner with which you can clean very large surfaces, it is better to choose a professional model. This is useful for homes, offices, or hotels equipped with fitted carpets. The Big Green from Bissell comes at a price of around €800, but it is also a real high-quality topper.

A powerful 1400 Watt motor, 8 rows of DirtLifter Power brushes, and massive 6.6-liter tanks. Even the worst dirt can’t compete with this. You can move back and forth with it, vigorously scrubbing all the dirt from the carpet.

This professional carpet cleaner does come with a high price tag. Although this is the best carpet cleaner in this list, it will be prohibitively expensive for most households.

Compare Carpet Rails

What is a carpet cleaner?

Everyone has a vacuum cleaner, but a carpet cleaner goes one step further. A carpet cleaner is a household appliance that removes stubborn stains and dirt from your carpet and makes it look new again. A vacuum cleaner can remove superficial dirt, but a carpet cleaner also sucks up minute skin cells, pollen, food residues, and soil particles that have settled deeper in your carpets.

We are talking about the electrical appliances here, not the carpet cleaners where you have to clean your carpet by hand.

An electric carpet cleaner combines the suction power of a vacuum cleaner with a cleaning product and sturdy scrub brushes. It features a practical two-tank system.

 A water-based liquid and cleaning agent is sprayed through a clean reservoir, which is injected into the fibers of your carpet, then the brushes scrub the dirt free, after which it is sucked up by the suction power and ends up in the reservoir with the dirty water.

Why buy a carpet cleaner?

By occasionally cleaning your carpets with a carpet cleaner, you slow down their wear. Your carpets will look fresh and tidy for longer. The colors stay vibrant and your carpets smell good.

This is especially important if your floors consist of ‘tapis plein’ or fixed carpet and you cannot just replace a worn carpet. But even if you have children -or not very nice roommates- regularly cleaning your carpets is necessary to prevent permanent stains.

A second reason to buy a carpet cleaner, in addition to maintaining your carpets, is that it can make a big difference for those who have allergies. If pollen and other substances are regularly removed, you can breathe better while still enjoying the comfort of a carpet under your feet.

A third category purchases a carpet cleaner because they have pets, which means that the carpets become dirty much faster due to hair and soil residues. Or maybe you have an animal that occasionally urinates on your carpet? Fortunately, there are carpet cleaners that have been specially developed to get animal hair or stains from your pets out of the carpet.

For maintenance, we recommend cleaning your carpets once a year, if you have allergies or pets it is best to do this on a regular basis. You can also have your carpets cleaned by external specialists or rent a machine for one or a few days, but buying one yourself will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Buying a carpet cleaner, what to keep in mind?


The first thing to consider when buying a carpet cleaner is whether the device is adapted to your needs. Are you looking for a device that mainly serves to remove stains or do you need something specifically against animal hair?

Do you only want to clean carpets or do you prefer a more versatile device with which you can also clean other things? And how much importance do you attach to quality and how much money are you willing to pay for it? List your priorities so that you can make the right choice.

A carpet cleaner with a water tank

Once you have determined what you want to use your carpet cleaner for, you also need to estimate how often you want to use the device. If it’s just to clean your carpets a few times a year, a small water tank isn’t a problem.

If you are working on a large area every week, make sure that the water reservoir is large enough so that you do not have to constantly refill it. However, a larger reservoir often means a heavier carpet cleaner…

Easy-to-use carpet cleaner

If you regularly have to climb stairs to tackle a new space when cleaning your house, it is best to pay attention to the weight of the machine. Frequent lifting can cause shoulder discomfort in some people. Then definitely do not buy a device that is heavier than 6 kg.

If necessary, also look for a carpet cleaner that is easily maneuverable so that you can easily handle everything. Also, read the test-purchase comments regarding carpet cleaners.

Carpet cleaner accessories

With carpet cleaners, you can purchase certain accessories so that you can also use it for other applications such as stairs, seats, or the interior of your car. If this is important to you, check whether these accessories are included or see if you can purchase them separately.

Matching carpet cleaner products


When purchasing your carpet cleaners, you should also purchase the correct fluids to pour into the reservoir. You can buy cleaning fluid from the same brand as your appliance, for example, Kärcher carpet cleaner for your Kärcher carpet cleaner or opt for a liquid that is suitable for any carpet cleaner. Some people just use an all-purpose cleaner.


In addition, there are also sprays that you can apply directly to your carpet, after which you have to brush in the spray to properly reach the lower fibers, then let it soak for a few hours before vacuuming the carpet and brushing it again. This is therefore a lot more intensive than using a carpet cleaner.


There are also powders on the market. You use this by spreading the powder evenly over your carpet. Do not mix it with water! Then brush the powder to allow it to penetrate, as you should with the spray. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then vacuum the carpet.

 Again, this is a tiring job and frankly won’t get all the stains out of your carpet. For recent stains this is a good approach, for older stains, you will still have to bring out the carpet cleaner.

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