Best Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews 2022 [ Complete Buying Guide ]

Well, come to my post “Best Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews 2022”. Measuring blood pressure and oxygen levels, we’re doing it more lately than ever before. We used to go to the doctor for this, today we want to be able to measure this ourselves.

Pressure is measured with a blood pressure monitor, but how does this happen and which is the best blood pressure monitor. Are you looking for a two-in-one device, or is it just for blood pressure? Does it have to be connected to the smartphone and keep track of data, or do you work with writing in a booklet? Because every blood pressure monitor is different, we help you choose the best blood pressure monitor for your use.

Read under the top 5 how to compare blood pressure monitors, what you should pay attention to and how you should decide. If your choice fits within the budget, then we speak of a good purchase. All products in this list are medically certified.

Clinically Validated OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor

If you’re looking for a blood pressure monitor that won’t tangle with cables, the Omron EVOLV is the way to go. You can easily place the cuff around your arm, after which the measurements are sent to the Omron connect app. This way you can view your measurements on your phone or tablet, wherever you are, and compare the different measurements on the basis of the graphs. This way you can immediately see when something is different. The blood pressure monitor also notifies you when it is not properly placed on your arm.

The Blood Pressure Machine



This device also uses a one-button control and has 100 memory locations. An average per 3 last measurements is also made to see if the blood pressure is increasing or decreasing. The device is extremely easy to use, but you must be able to work with a smartphone. This Omron is also very accurate and therefore ideal for people who often have to measure blood pressure. The device is also suitable for pregnant women – as they state on their website.

+A clinically validated home blood pressure monitor
+ Easy to pair with the Omron connect app
+ An irregular heartbeat is immediately detected

Best upper arm Omron Best blood pressure monitor

The Omron M7 Intelli IT is a good blood pressure monitor with an excellent price / quality ratio. Attaching to the upper arm, the Omron M7 is very easy to use. All thanks to its one-button operation, it also uses an automatic inflation function.

You can connect the blood pressure monitor with the Omron Connect app on the smartphone via Bluetooth. Here you can also keep track of your daily measurements, or share them with your doctor.

Blood Pressure Monitors



You can also store the measurement locally, for this we recommend the model with up to 200 memory locations. This should be sufficient for a full follow-up and analysis. This device also measures heart rate.

You can easily connect the meter with the Omron connect app by means of Bluetooth, so that you can view the values ​​at any time via your phone or tablet. You will see a number of handy graphs, so that you can also keep track of the evolution.

Error messages due to an incorrectly placed cuff are excluded thanks to the special design. In case of incorrect reception, you will immediately receive a warning to solve the problem.

+ Always accurate measurements due to the special design
+ Easy to connect to your smartphone or tablet
+ Also calculates averages of the past measurements
– No reminder function

Best blood pressure Omron RS7 monitor on the wrist

For the best wrist blood pressure monitor, the choice was between this Omron RS7 and the Beurer BC58 touchscreen . We chose the Omron RS7 because of the smartphone connection and analyses.

Something that is not available on the Bearer , but it is much cheaper. If you don’t need the app, it’s best to go for the Beurer. Because the Omron is a smart blood pressure monitor, you have the advantage of data transfer and analysis via the Omron Connect app.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor



In addition, you have 2 user profiles that each have 100 memory locations. Just like other Omrons, you enjoy a very user-friendly device due to the one-button operation. It is also approved by the Heart Foundation.

+ 100 memory locations and space for two users
+ An irregular heartbeat is indicated directly on the screen
+ Very user-friendly

Best Choice Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Best Choice  upper arm blood pressure monitor of the best blood pressure monitors, there are a few other quality brands out there. We choose this device as editor’s pick for 2021. Not because it is the best blood pressure monitor, but mainly because it is a good device with similar functions, and is very affordable.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor



Medisana uses the VitaDock app that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. You also have an additional display where all values ​​are clearly visible. This is extra large so that older people, or people with poor eyesight, can easily read their values.

In addition to diastolic and systolic blood pressure, the device also measures your heart rate and notifies you if one of these values ​​is irregular. This blood pressure monitor has two user profiles, with 250 memory locations (per person) at your disposal.

So you can keep the measurements for 2 people for a longer period of time and calculate the average. Still a handy advantage. This device also calculates the average values ​​over a few days in order to detect a decrease or increase. You don’t have one-button operation like Omron’s blood pressure monitors. This blood pressure monitor is attached to the upper arm.

+ Your measurement data is always accessible via your smartphone
+ Irregularities are immediately noticed
+ Up to 250 storage spaces for each of the two users

TENS 7000 Muscle Stimulator Blood Pressure Monitor 

If budget plays an important role in choosing a blood pressure monitor, then you will be fine with the Tens 7000 Music Stimulator. Please note, there is no smartphone app where you can view data. Everything happens on the device itself. You take blood pressure via the upper arm.

Blood pressure


It also measures heart rate. This way you can see your health status quickly and clearly. Due to these limitations, the device costs only €32. Another advantage of this device is the convenient one-button operation. Just like the Omron devices, this is also present in this Tens 7000.

It also calculates your average blood pressure, which gives a good overview of rising or falling values. Here too you have two user profiles that can store up to 90 measurements. An equally inexpensive blood pressure monitor is the Tens 7000 . This one has the same specs but lacks the one-button operation, which we found handy.

+ All values ​​can be read from the LCD screen
+ Convenient one-button operation
– No app to save data

What is a blood pressure monitor?

A blood pressure monitor is a device with which you can measure your blood pressure . For many people it is important to measure blood pressure regularly to keep an eye on their health. This can be done at the doctor’s office, but there is also a blood pressure monitor for at home.

With best blood pressure monitors you can keep track of all irregularities in the body, so that a treatment plan can also be looked at more specifically. In many cases you can also check your heart rate, so that an overall picture is created.

Why buy a blood pressure monitor?

Sometimes you walk around with high blood pressure for years without even knowing it, until it is too late and you end up with a doctor. The doctor will recommend that you measure your blood pressure regularly. A doctor’s visit can also be stressful, which can lead to elevated levels.

Taking measurements at home on a regular basis gives the best picture of your health. You can buy a cheap blood pressure monitor for this, or go for a model that helps with analyzes – via software or via an app.

Once you have enough data, you can present it at your next doctor’s visit. Buying a best blood pressure monitor offers you the opportunity to measure your blood pressure and heart rate in a relaxed position. A good blood pressure monitor for home also indirectly ensures a healthier lifestyle.

Once you have an idea of ​​your best blood pressure values, you can also draw conclusions. Diet, exercise more, drink less, quit smoking. These are all examples of elements that influence best blood pressure. Above all, keep in regular contact with your doctor and follow his or her advice.

Do not rely on your own conclusions, always confirm these with a doctor. Also pay attention to what you read online, consult as many different, reliable, sources as possible.


One of the best blood pressure monitors that you can purchase is an upper arm best blood pressure monitor. You place this best blood pressure monitor on your upper arm by means of a cuff, after which the device can measure your blood pressure at the push of a button.

These come in both wireless and wired devices, so there is something for everyone. You can also get these with storage memory and without memory. This way you always have a good device for your situation and you can easily start measuring via your upper arm.


A wrist best blood pressure monitor can often be used at different times. After all, you don’t have to expose your entire arm, but can roll up your sleeves and place the cuff around it. These blood pressure monitors can also better track your heart rate , because it is closer to the source.

This means you always have accurate measurements and you can make comparisons based on the previous measurements. This way you always know whether you are in good health or whether things need to be changed.

Buying a blood pressure monitor,
what should I pay attention to?


There are many different best blood pressure monitors that all store the measurements in a different way. For example, there are manual blood pressure monitors without memory, where you have to save the measurements yourself in order to make a comparison.

These are often the cheapest blood pressure monitors, without many bells and whistles. All you have to do is place the blood pressure monitor on your arm and press the button. Within a minute you will hear through a beep that the device is ready and you will see the numbers on the screen.

If you do not want to be constantly busy with pen and paper, you can also opt for a blood pressure monitor with storage memory. Many different models can also be found here. One can store up to a maximum of 120 measurements, while another has double that.

Some devices have the option to store multiple users, allowing you to measure with the family. These blood pressure monitors often have a function that makes it possible to compare the different measurements by means of a graph, so that you get a better picture of your health.


The newer best blood pressure monitors often not only measure blood pressure, but also have a function to track the heart rate. These two elements are usually related, but sometimes it can also happen that your heartbeat shows irregularities, while your blood pressure is normal.

If this happens more often when you’re taking measurements and you can’t place it, then it’s a good time to ask for advice. By using a blood pressure monitor that also measures a heart rate, you at least have all the results at hand for your next doctor’s visit. In this list of the best blood pressure monitors of 2021, we only discuss models that also measure heart rate.


It sometimes happens that the measurement cannot be performed correctly. This can be due to many different factors, requiring an additional measurement. Depending on the model you purchase, you can sometimes use a best blood pressure monitor to ensure that the device automatically repeats a measurement, so that a good result is obtained.

For this you do not have to reactivate everything yourself, but it happens within a few seconds after the error message has been indicated. Also, an automatic repetition can always be performed to obtain a kind of average.


Nowadays more and more people want to live a healthy life. It is therefore also more important tmonihat best blood pressure and heart rate can be monitored at all times. With the smartwatch, this has become a lot easier.

You wear this watch with you every moment of the day, where it is connected to your smartphone or tablet by means of Bluetooth. The best blood pressure monitors then send the measurements to an app on the connected device, so that you always have insight into the measurements of your best blood pressure and heart rate.

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