7 Best Smart Watches Reviews 2022 Top Picks For Every Budget

The search for the best smart watchs is different for everyone. Portable phones are getting bigger and bigger and are gradually turning into small tablets. Quite handy, but also a bit clumsy to put in your pocket or handbag. Especially if you want to grab it with every notification. Today, this is no longer necessary. With a smartwatch you get to see the notifications on your wrist, and you decide based on this whether you want to compete with your handbag or pocket.

There are even smart watches that almost completely replace your phone. You can make calls and send messages via your watch. The smart watches discussed here do not all have that functionality. If you plan to mainly use your smartwatch to train your fitness or fitness, then you are probably better off with a sports watch. If you want a cheap device to register your steps, it is best to buy an activity tracker.

Strawberry Apple Pie Smart Watch

The Apple Watch SE does everything you expect from a smart watch. If you connect it to your iPhone, you’ll receive calls and messages on your wrist. With the option for mobile internet you don’t even need a phone nearby. In the App Store, you can choose from hundreds of apps that make your smart watch even smarter and more convenient for on the go. You can follow the news, arrange the domotics of your home or listen to music via Apple Music from the wrist.

Smart Watches


In addition, the Apple Watch SE tracks your activities based on hree parameters: moving, training and standing. In addition, it features a number of workouts for Pilates, walking or cycling. With a water resistance of 5ATM you can swim in a pool with peace of mind. It measures your heart rate and even detects if you have a hard fall and alerts the emergency services if necessary.

Of course, the Apple Watch SE is compatible with the usual Apple features such as Siri and Wallet. Thanks to the Maps app, you get a tap on the wrist when you have to turn during a specified walking tour. You can easily adjust the large Retina display to your own taste.

The recycled aluminum watch case comes in a 40mm or 44mm version and has easily exchangeable straps in a variety of colors. In summary, the Apple Watch SE has largely the same features and capabilities as the much more expensive Apple Watch 6. What the Apple Watch 6 does have is an ‘always-on display’ and additional health sensors such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a saturator. But most people don’t need this and are better off with the cheaper Apple Watch SE.


  • Many possibilities
  • Compatible with standard Apple features
  • Choose from thousands of apps
  • Large display
  • Ultra comfortable Fit
  • High-quality Material
  • Compatible with All Apple Watch Series


  • No ‘always-on’ display
  • No EKG or oximeter
  • Battery life of about 18h

Xiaomi Amozfit GTS Best Smart Watch

The stylish Xiaomi Amozfit GTS resembles the Apple smart watches in appearance, but is much cheaper. You can easily adjust the very bright and vivid 1.65 inch AMOLED screen to your own preference. The price difference mainly lies in the capabilities of the smartwatch. You can easily connect your smartphone to the Amozfit GTS via Bluetooth 5.0, after which you can read messages on your wristwatch. To answer those messages, you have to get out your smartphone.

Smarts Watch


The Xiaomi Amozfit GTS has 12 sport modes from walking over walking and skiing to even swimming. The built-in GPS and heart rate monitor provide a fairly accurate registration of your activities. You can view and analyze the stored data both on your smartwatch and in the app on your smartphone. The navigation through both leaves something to be desired. It’s some searching for some applications.

This cheap smart watch looks stylish and provides the basic applications as a smartwatch. It also offers opportunities for the occasional athlete as a sports watch. The long battery life ensures that you don’t suddenly lose track of time. The Xiaomi Amozfit GTS is the ideal entry-level model for those who want a decent smart watch without spending a lot of money.


  • Cheap
  • Accurate heart rate recording
  • ‘Always-on’ display
  • 15 days battery life
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • 70+ Sports modes
  • All round health management
  • Super light and thin
  • Built i amoled display


  • Only read messages
  • No Dutch institutions
  • Navigation not intuitive

Apple Best Smart Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is an upgrade of the Apple Watch Series 6. Many parts remained unchanged. Both smart watches easily measure your oxygen level or make a heart rhythm movie with the saturation and ECG app. They have a built-in GPS and workouts for cycling, dancing and swimming. In the Apple Store, you can search from hundreds of apps that you think complement traditional Apple applications such as Siri, Apple Music and Wallet. You can adjust the dial to your own wishes so that the data that you find important is prominently displayed.

Smart Watch


So what makes the Apple Watch Series 7 the ‘best smartwatch’? The always-on display is 20% larger than that of the Series 6 and 50% larger than the Series 3. Together with the specially designed buttons, this provides greater ease of use when replying to messages or handling apps. Apple is even introducing a QWERTY keyboard, which many users find more convenient than the traditional Apple Watch keyboard.

The battery only lasts about 18 hours. Charging every day via the new magnetic fast charger to USB-C cable is therefore a necessity, but in less than an hour your smartwatch is completely ready for a new day. Thanks to the great dust resistance and the strongest glass ever (according to Apple), you can wear the Apple Watch Series 7 without fear while exercising, cooking or at work. If you have mobile internet, you can even leave your iPhone at home, so that the Apple Watch Series 7 reduces the step to a completely standalone smart watch.


  • Large ‘Always-on’ display
  • Measure oxygen level in blood
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Fast Charging


  • Daily charging
  • Only compatible with iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Best Watch 4

The sporty-looking Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 features a new BioActive Sensor that helps you maintain your health. You will have the option of taking an EKG or a full body scan. The sensor then measures your body fat percentage, skeletal muscles and body water. Since the sensor gives a slight electrical impulse, this smartwatch is not suitable for people with a pacemaker or pregnant women. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also registers your sleep and checks whether snoring affects the quality of your sleep. Via the Samsung Health App, which is compatible with many sports apps, such as Strava, you can collect all data about your sports performance, even swimming. The built-in GPS follows you wherever you exercise.

Smart Watch



The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is more than a fitness tracker. By default, you take calls and messages with your wrist. However, you largely choose which apps you download on your smartwatch. Google Maps, Shazam and Spotify are just a few examples. So you decide to some extent what you can do with your smartwatch. You use it as a remote control for your smartphone camera or as a navigation system in the car. Thanks to the many possible watch faces, you can personalize the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 every day if you want.


  • Super AMOLED display
  • EKG and blood pressure monitor
  • Lots of apps
  • Be Smart About Your Heart
  • Make Every Workout Count
  • Better Sleep Starts Here


  • Limited battery life
  • Some apps not suitable for iOS and Huawei
  • Not suitable for people with a pacemaker

Garmin Vivoactive 4 Best Smart Watch

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is the smart watch for those looking for a sporty watch with smart watch functions. You will receive notifications of incoming calls and whoever has an Android phone can even reply to messages via this wristwatch. Thanks to Garmin Pay you pay contactless. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 has storage space for music and you can connect it to your Spotify account after some searching.

Smart Watch



While these features feel pretty standard, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 excels at tracking your performance. You can record running, cycling, swimming, golf and much more thanks to the built-in sports apps and GPS. By using Galileo and GLONASS in combination with GPS, this smart watch will find you quickly. The animated workouts for e.g. yoga help you train correctly. Garmin Connect collects all your performance data and helps you analyze it.

Two buttons complement the touchscreen. Pausing an activity with sweaty fingers on a touchscreen can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. A push of a button is enough. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 also has a heart rate monitor and sensor to monitor your sleep and measure the oxygen saturation in your blood. Depending on how many sensors you run at the same time, the battery life varies between 2 and 7 days. Compared to many smart watches, an eternity.

  • Long battery life
  • Music Storage
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Accurate performance measurement


  • Navigation through apps takes getting used to
  • Not suitable for phone calls

Apple Series 3 Best Smart Watch

Of course you can go for the Apple Watch Series SE or 7 as a companion for your iPhone, but those who are afraid of the price for these top models will find the Apple Watch Series 3 an affordable high-quality alternative.

The Apple Watch Series 3 delivers what you expect from a good smartwatch. You respond to notifications of incoming messages and phone calls via your wrist. Siri is looking for answers to all your questions. Your smart watch will even help you find your lost iPhone or unlock your Mac.

Smart Watch



Thanks to the heart rate app and various workout apps, you can maintain your health thanks to the Apple Watch Series 3. You can see at a glance how much you move, stand or train. This versatile smart watch even has lap swimming options. During exercise, the built-in GPS follows you closely and you can listen to your stored favorite music. You can pay for your drink after exercise contactless thanks to Apple Pay. In short, a suitable entry-level model for those looking for a smart companion for their iPhone.


  • Affordable
  • Music storage + streaming
  • Good fitness sensors


  • No ‘always-on’ display
  • Need iPhone nearby for some apps
  • Charge every day

Withings Steel HR Best Smart Watch

Smart watches are handy gadgets, but usually look a bit bulky on the wrist. The Withings Steel HR, on the other hand, looks very elegant with its 36 mm width. Thanks to the classic dial, no one will notice at first glance that you’re wearing a smart watch. Still, it just does the things a smartwatch does. You receive notifications from your smartphone, but you cannot make calls with it.

Smart Watch



At night, the Withings Steel HR monitors your sleep, during the day it tracks your steps and closely follows your sports performance. In the Health Mate app you collect and analyze the results. Thanks to the very long battery life of 25 days, the heart rate monitor collects a wealth of information. About 30 built-in sport profiles support you in exercising, the results of which you can also see in the Health Mate app.

Let’s face it, this is not a watch for the very active athlete or the busy businessman who wants to keep track of everything on the wrist. The Withings Steel HR offers the basic capabilities of a smartwatch in terms of fitness tracking and connectivity. But it does so in a very stylish way. This smartwatch will suit just about any wardrobe.


  • Stylish
  • Very long battery life (25 days)
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone


  • Not always accurate measurements
  • Connection with smartphone sometimes drops

What to look for when buying a smart watch?


An OLED or AMOLED screen generally has a better picture quality compared to an older LCD screen . Not only do they have a better contrast ratio, higher brightness and wider viewing angles, they also use less energy, which means that the battery of your smartwatch lasts longer. But more important than the quality of the screen is how your smart watch handles notifications. We took into account how easy it is to read, delete or even reply to incoming messages or notifications. Some smart watches allow you to reply to messages and make phone calls.


In this article we looked for stylish timepieces for both everyday use and sporting activities. In the first place, a timepiece should not be too heavy so that it is pleasant to wear all day long. The watch strap should be comfortable and easy to replace. Also take into account the circumference of your wrist. A wide watch on a narrow wrist is usually not a sight.

Most people choose a watch with a width between 40 and 44 mm. In this article you will not find sports watches such as the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music and the Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro that offer more options for active athletes. Sports watches are quite large and heavy because they have more sensors. In addition, striking side buttons mar the view of most, as do the water- and sweat-resistant plastic watch bands. This is usually not a problem for the target group of long-distance runners, swimmers or triathletes who want detailed information about their workouts.


Most people buy a smartwatch to gain more insight into the number of steps they take every day. But such a smart watch can do much more than that. Just think of registering your sleep or measuring your heart rate. A good smartwatch is also able to automatically measure various activities throughout the day, such as your cycling route to and from work or a walk in the afternoon with colleagues.

A good GPS sensor to accurately register your walking routes is very important if you often walk. In addition to a GPS, some smart watches also have a GLONASS and a Galileo sensor . These are respectively the Russian and European versions of the US Global Positioning System. When your sports watch has all three sensors, it can connect to multiple satellites. As a result, it connects faster and you have better coverage, so that it registers your trajectory more accurately. You do use more battery.


A smart watch always needs a connection to a smartphone. Some smart watches allow you to leave your smartphone at home, but you still have to sync with it regularly. So make sure to check whether your smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone. By default, the rule applies that an Apple Watch only works with an iPhone.

A Samsung Galaxy Watch has the Wear OS operating system and then fits Android smartphones and some iPhones, but the connection can be unstable with the latter. Sometimes manufacturers immediately indicate that certain functions only work with specific smartphones. On their website, they usually specify which smartphones are compatible with their smartwatch. So don’t just assume that your preferred smartwatch fits your smartphone.

Battery life

The battery of a good smart watch should last at least a full day. Smart watches such as the Apple Watch Series 7 use an AMOLED ‘always-on’ display, so you always have a beautiful image. The other side of this coin is that it has to be charged daily. A lot of smart watches that we looked at had a battery life of about 18 hours. Basically just enough to support you during the day and to hang on the charger in the evening.

The manufacturers try to combine many functions and sensors with an elegant design. This is at the expense of the battery. If you buy a smartwatch to register your sleep, it is best to choose a smart timepiece that has a battery life of several days. Sports watches are usually a bit wider and thicker, so they can tolerate a heavier battery.

What is a smart watch?

A smart watch connects to your smartphone so that you can view all kinds of notifications via your wrist. It therefore mainly serves to use your smartphone less frequently. Depending on the model (and mainly the price), you use more or fewer apps via your wristwatch. By default, you get the option to read messages and read who is calling you. More expensive models allow you to send messages and even make calls, almost completely replacing your phone.

Most smart watches also offer the possibility to record your sports activities and even your sleep. Some are quite good at this, but usually less accurate than a full-fledged sports watch. A frequent athlete who also wants to receive notifications from his smartphone chooses a sports watch. Someone who wants to be continuously informed of incoming messages and occasionally sports, should go for a smartwatch.

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