5 Best Travel Plug Adapters & Converters Reviews Of 2022

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If you’re planning to travel abroad, chances are you don’t want to lose touch with the rest of the world during your stay.

Because we all love to use our smartphones, laptops and other electrical devices everywhere, smart travelers ensure that they can also charge on the go.

You’ll never be without the right travel plug or converter with you but with so many variations, it can be difficult to know what you need.

If you are looking for a complete travel plug that you can actually use anywhere in the world .I would recommend this travel moreIt is in fact one of the few with 4 USB ports and a plug input, which can also handle 2000 watts, so it is also suitable for your hairdryer or straightener and those kinds of high voltage devices.

But there are more, with converters or more inputs, and a few cheaper options too.

These are the best travel plugs for different travel purposes:

Do I Need A Travel Adapter Or Converter?

The world has already become very small, and although we are all one world, we do not all use the same sockets.

Different countries use different types of outlets and sockets, meaning what works for you at home won’t necessarily work when you’re away.

Different countries also have a wide range of electrical voltages running through their wires. In the US, for example, electricity runs on 110-120 volts, while many other countries have ramped that up to 220-240 volts.

This is important because you can burn out your devices if you expose them to a higher voltage than they are designed for.

But do you need a travel adapter or a converter? Maybe you should buy them both?

First you need to find the voltage of your device by checking the detailed information written on the device itself or on the AC box of the power cord.

As a basic guide, electrical appliances have 3 different voltage types: single, double or multiple.

  • Single voltage shows 1 number: A device like this handles one type of voltage, such as 120V
  • Dual voltage shows 2 digits like 110V/220V: this means the device includes a switch to switch between the 2 voltages.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying A Travel Plug?

Once you know your voltage, these are the key points when deciding which adapter/converter to buy:

If you travel to a country where the output voltage is compatible with your device, you don’t have to worry about buying an inverter.

Travel Adapters For Different Countries

There are at least 15 different recognized types of outlets in the world, all with different pins and voltages.

While this doesn’t mean you have to toss 15 different adapters in your bag before you leave home, it does mean that you should do your research before you leave home.

Most of the countries you travel to will fall into one of 4 types of outlets for the US, UK, Australia and Europe.

You can easily buy adapters and converters made to meet your destination’s requirements, and you can even buy packages with a combination of options for different destinations.

Travel Adapters & Wattage

Wattage is the amount of power required to run an electrical appliance or appliance.

Since you’ll need your adapter to handle the wattage of your device or appliance, you need to know what you’re dealing with before plugging in.

Most appliances are labeled with the wattage. If for some reason this isn’t the case, you can calculate the wattage using this simple formula:

Example :

A device with a voltage of 110 and a current of 1.5 is 165 watts (110 x 1.5 = 165 watts).

When you’re looking for a travel adapter, you need to know how many watts it can handle. If it’s not strong enough to handle the energy flow through it, you could blow a fuse or burn out your device in minutes.

Appliances that heat typically use the most watts, so things like travel hair dryers and travel straighteners are the items to watch out for.

Best Travel Adapters Reviewed

Now that you know a little more about the technicalities of travel adapters, the next step is to choose the right adapter for your destination that can meet all the power requirements of your devices.

Here are some of the best performing, most convenient and best travel-ready adapters you can buy.

Best Complete Travel Plug: Travel more 2000 Watts (Includes Hair Dryers, Straighteners, Laptops)

A sleek black box that offers minimalist chic and the ability to convert voltage, this uber-cool device is the perfect adapter/converter combo for over 150 of the world’s most visited countries.


With the ability to charge phones, laptops and almost anything, the One World Travel Adapter converts foreign electricity from 220-240V to 110-120V for all your European devices.

The LED power indicator shows that the adapter is doing its job, while the over-current (overload), high temperature, short-circuit and over-voltage protection keeps your devices safe while they charge.

Tip : This travel adapter can handle 2000W, making it a good choice for higher wattage electrical appliances.

It was indispensable for us on our trip to Singapore, where they use the UK plugs and we were even able to save some money on all adapters because they could USB directly:

This high-tech block offers almost complete worldwide coverage and simultaneously charges up to 5 devices quickly with four 3.5 amp USB ports, and it offers AC voltage of 100-250 V, maximum 2000 watts with a built-in safety fuse of 6 amps.

Whether you need to charge your laptop or curl your hair, this surge and plug protection power plug will keep you and your devices safe and powered while you roam.

Best for the Tech-Dependent Traveler: Fedec Universal Travel Plug

This multifunctional travel adapter covers your power needs in more tha


n 150 countries.

Safety certified and packed with features such as an 8A double overload fuse, safety shutters and a plug-lock system, this little beauty comes with 4 USB ports, 1 USB C and a single AC connection that can power up to 6 high-speed devices. fast.

It can also handle 880W at 110V and 1840W at 240V, but it does not convert voltage.

Compatible with all USB devices, including iPhones, tablets and digital cameras, the Fedec can be your 1-stop solution for digital connectivity anywhere in the world.

Best Adapter & Inverter: Cutlery Travel Charger

This Cutlery universal travel adapter is so versatile that you can fill it with your favorite devices and fully charge yourself.


Cleverly designed to charge 7 devices simultaneously with its 4 USB charging ports, a combined 6A output .

3 AC sockets supporting a maximum power of 250W, you will be amazed at the power output.

The patented design makes this a super safe option for tech-heavy travelers, with protection against overcurrent, overload, overheating and short circuit.

This is an all-round supercharger that works almost anywhere in the world and even comes with a 24 month warranty.

Best Cheap Compact Plug and Wall Charger: KwMobile

Brain and beauty come as standard in this slim and compact travel plug that can deliver a maximum power of 34W/6.8A.

Thermal material protects against overheating and the technology in the plug protects against overloading the device and overloading your devices.


This compact universal adapter is cheaper than many adapters on this list, but it can be a bit more of a hassle changing the adapter heads.

One of the best hassle-free customizations.

This pocket-sized power adapter offers plug adapters for use in over 150 countries.

This plug adapter cannot convert or reduce electrical wattage and is therefore not recommended for your appliances over 110 watts (such as hair dryers or straighteners).

But you can extend the 2 or 3 pin attachments to connect and charge your laptop, iPhone or other device.

Best All-Round Travel Plug Set: Fal Parts 7-piece

Let me introduce you to the ultimate selection of grounded universal travel plug adapters for the great explorer. With a choice of 7 different plug combinations, you have access to power everywhere.


Fuller than many of the all-in-1 options, the only downside to this set is that you lose some space in your travel bag.

Easy to use and well-labelled, these provide simple yet effective solutions for anyone visiting virtually anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a travel plug, travel adapter and a converter?

A travel plug is the same as a travel adapter, and with it you can easily convert one electrical plug into another.

There are 15 different plug types used in the world with a range of pins. Different parts of the world will use different voltages and that is where a converter differs from an adapter.

If you use a low voltage device in a high voltage outlet, there is a good chance that you will blow the device. A converter converts the voltage so that it

is safe.

Most appliances and chargers are multi-voltage or have a switch to switch between voltages, but it’s best to check before traveling abroad.

Do I need an adapter and a converter?

Because not all countries use the same sockets, you should check whether you need an adapter to connect your devices.

Different countries also have a wide range of electrical voltages running through their wires and that is where an inverter comes in handy. If your device uses a different voltage, you will also need to purchase an inverter.

What should I pay attention to with a travel adapter?

Most of the countries you travel to will fall into one of 4 types of outlets for the US, UK, Australia and Europe.

You can easily buy adapters and converters made to meet your destination’s requirements, and you can even buy packages with a combination of\ options for different destinations.

How does a universal travel adapter work?

With a universal travel adapter you have multiple options for plugs or you can adapt the shape of a plug to the requirements of your destination. This allows you to purchase 1 adapter to use at multiple destinations.


Wherever you go, there’s a travel adapter or converter to help.

Don’t forget to check your devices before you leave home and find a travel adapter that suits your needs, otherwise you risk being powerless and disconnected for the duration of your stay!

You might also hope you can buy the right adapter when you get there, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You risk damaging your devices if you use adapters or converters that are not safe.

So if the thought of running out of reliable, safe and thoroughly tested electrical adapters or converters is too much for you to agonize over as you travel, be sure to buy a decent adapter

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